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2019: The Year of the Blog Resurrection

I honestly don’t know how to blog.

It used to be easy. I would chat about my kids, which I can only do now in a closed forum and only after I get permission. And I lived overseas, so that provided lots of fodder for blogging.

Now… meh. My life is boring.

For example, I could blog about the craving I had for Nutella at the end of last week. I’m revising (second draft) my current project so it’s not surprising. I asked my husband to pick me up a jar on Friday. I specifically said, “Don’t get me the largest and don’t get me the smallest either! Get me something small-ish, though. Because I have zero self-control.”

He did as directed and picked me up a 13 oz jar. It should surprise NO ONE that I finished it today.


So yeah, that’s the kind of stuff I have to blog about.

Or the fact that I bought a treadmill desk. And Oh. MY. GOD has it changed my life. I live in the desert because I love the heat. I had no problem getting up at 5:30am this summer and walking in 100 degrees. But when the temperature started dropping to 40 this winter, I was OUT. Forget that biz. I have no idea how those who live in snow do it.

That started my hunt for a treadmill.

I found one on Craigslist and let me tell you, the dude who sold it to me was shady AF. He wouldn’t text and he couldn’t figure out the correct address of the storage facility (even though when we were standing next to the sign with the address clearly labeled and he said the wrong address again!). He rents several (over 10) storage units filled with things at that facility. The one he opened for us was loaded with BRAND NEW treadmills. The treadmill I bought had the packaging material on it and the instruction booklet.

I don’t know what kind of shadiness he has going on, but it was weird. And I’m also convinced that he had a body (or four) hidden in the other units. 


Anyway. Treadmills are AWESOME. Especially a desk one. I can keep up on my YouTube addiction quite easily now.

All this to say, I really AM going to try to resurrect this blog in 2019. And it’s going to be full of this kind of quality content: as in don’t expect much! Haha.

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