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Only The Trees Know

Four went in, one came out.

It was meant to be their last hurrah. Four friends spend their senior Spring Break of high school hiking the Yosemite forest. Alone for one week where they can prove that, despite their cracked relationships, they’re still a team. And maybe recapture some of the magic that brought them together in the first place.

But something went wrong. 

One by one they’re murdered, until only one survivor emerges from the forest. He says he’s innocent. The evidence says he’s not.

Now he’s on trial for the deaths of his friends, fighting for his life and freedom. It doesn’t matter that he loved them fiercely, one as a friend, one as an ex, and one that still tangles his soul. The only thing that matters is his final words weren’t “I love you,” they were “I’m sorry.”

Told from past/present perspective, ONLY THE TREES KNOW is a story of untangling friendships: lies, misunderstandings, broken promises, and twisted love.

The Breaking Light

The Breaking Light


In a stratified society where contact with the sun is a luxury reserved for the elite, those kept prisoner in the darkness will do anything to find the light. Arden—beautiful, street-smart, and cynical—is one of the citizens of the lowest Level, known as Undercity, of an off-world colony. A blackout band traps Arden in her district, but as sister to the leader of the most powerful gang in Undercity, she has access to Above.

There she meets Dade, one of the few lucky enough to be born into the sun-kissed families who reside in the Towers soaring above the rest of the city. But life isn’t perfect in the sky. Dade, desperate to escape his upcoming arranged marriage, has a secret of his own, and he’s willing to risk everything for it.

An unlikely romance develops between the two teens—but their love faces opposition from above and below. When her gang pressures Arden to help break the grip of the elite and end Dade’s interference with their drug trade, she is forced to make a deadly choice between love and family loyalty. But will the brewing class war destroy the world around them first?


The Stolen Sky

Arden and Dade are running for their lives from a city on fire; they’re wounded, desperate, and shadowed by two families who want them dead. But it’s Dade’s debt to a devious crime lord that plunges them further into danger—especially with their mining planet in chaos…

The ruling Solizen have grown more calculating, while the Undercity population remains trapped in the darkness below. With the supply of life-saving VitD wiped out, the rebellion is ready to erupt at any moment.

Now, Arden and Dade reluctantly join a new team on a hazardous operation to infiltrate the Solizen’s most protected facility. Caught up in the uncertainty of shifting allegiances and suspicious allies, their relationship will be put to the test. But to carry out their dangerous mission, the teens must rely on their love more than ever—will it be enough to keep them alive?

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