Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Writery update

I gave up last night. I went to bed at 9pm frustrated about my edit. There are parts that are just not working. I'm supposed to be at the rereading and turning it back in stage. But. Yeah.

If anything I've learned to trust my gut over the years and my gut says it needs more work.

So I hit the pillow a few times, tried to reason out what I could cut to make the pacing work, and eventually went to sleep.

When I woke up, I was at the point of accepting that I need to rewrite at least one chapter (maybe more, we'll see). It's a difficult place for me to get to sometimes. One pep talk later I'm ready to get to work.

Well, maybe. I'll need more coffee first, I think.

I probably shouldn't be trying to get back on the vegan-wagon while editing (I fell off because had a little holiday love affair with pie). I'm having a sugar craving like you wouldn't believe. I could get in my car and drive to Whole Foods and get some vegan cookies, but really, I don't need the sugar.

My sisters are on a get-skinny-for-Paris kick. One one hand I don't feel the need to join, but I don't want to look like the shlump in the pictures either. It doesn't help that I associate edits with stuffing my face full of snacks.

Wow, this is kind of a non-update. Ha.

Meh. I have such a difficult time thinking about anything else when I'm editing. So. I get what I get.

Until later, peeps!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I May Never Wear Contacts Again

I’m plodding along on my edit. I want to demonstrate how that’s going (the fact that my life is impeding me at every turn), but couldn’t figure out the vehicle to frame what that looks like. And then yesterday happened.

I knew yesterday would be a long day before it started. I had a lot on the agenda. I was determined to get it all done and work on my edit. Because I’m a conqueror with thousands of Life Points. RAWR!


The night before I didn’t sleep well. Bekah’s science project is not working. Why can I never have a single science project work? I tossed and turned all night trying to figure out how I can redo the experiment and get ANY results (not just results I wanted — I’ll take anything).

I woke up tired. Then I ran all over creation to get my passport renewed and did a few other things that were time sensitive. It was one of those days where people were not in sync with me. Like going to the post office and waiting an hour in line, then when I got to the front, four out of the five employees went on break.

Finally I made it to Starbucks. At this point I had about an hour left before I had to pick up my daughter from school. I was thrilled when I walked in and there were only a few people inside and it was quiet. That never happens. EVER.

I bought my coffee and got myself comfortable. I’d completed an entire page of edits when a group of people came in, sat down next to me, and proceeded to interview for the next hour.

I mean, really? Can’t you do that at your office?

Right. No big deal. I could salvage the day. I went to pick up my daughter. Then we came home and started a fresh science experiment.

Somewhere in the middle of that I pulled a ligature (or maybe a muscle?) in my hip. I have zero clue how I did that. All I know is that I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk.

Bright side (I thought): If I can’t walk, I’ll used this time to edit. Right? Perfect solution. I was exhausted by this point anyway. Even though it was barely 3:30pm.

I limped up to my room. Got out my laptop. Then stopped to take out my contacts so that I could be comfortable.


When I went to take out my contacts there was this sort of pop-snap and then the contact was in my eyelid. It’s hard to describe the events because the whole experience had never happened to me before. All I knew was: the contact was in my eye, it hurt like hell, and I couldn’t see.

I tried EVERYTHING to get that sucker out. I went through a full bottle of contact solution. Tried several eye washes, Steven even tried to get them out. Nada.

It was nearing 8pm by this point. That horrific contact had been lodged in my eyelid for over four hours. I didn’t know if I could sleep with it in. It hurt SO BAD.

My sister asked why I hadn’t gone to the eye doctor before they’d closed. Honestly, I thought that I’d be able to get it out! What contact never comes out? 

She convinced me to go to urgent care (by telling me that I’d be permanently blind).

I sat in urgent care from 8pm till about 10:30pm when the doctor finally saw me and got around to extracting it. Let me tell you, this doctor was a hundred and fifty if he was a day. Deaf. And suffering from a bit of Alzheimers and/or dementia. It was bizarre. I’d say something and he’s repeat something totally different. Then I’d repeat the original statement and he’d say something crazy again.

I wasn’t the only one with issues either. Two other patients yelled at him (one in the middle of the triage area, and another so loud I heard the whole thing behind two closed doors). It was craaaaaazy. On one hand, it’s Vegas. On the other, DUUUUUUUUUDE.

Doctor’s licenses should be like driver’s licenses: there should be mandatory testing after a certain age to make sure the doctor is competent. You know what I mean? I don’t think many people can see reality when their mental capacity starts to break down.

I thought to myself: Do I want this guy sticking a Q-tip in my eyeball? Is it worth it? Can I wait until the morning? Because I may be blinded by this procedure and not from the contact stuck in my eye.

I let him proceed. Mostly because I was in pain. I just wanted it OUT.

He poked around. “I don’t see it.”

“I’m telling you, it’s there. I can feel it.”

“I don’t see it.”

I said, my voice bordering on very strong, “IT’S THERE.” I’d been waiting for two and a half hours by this point (over seven hours since the contact got lodged). I’d let a crazy person stick a long pointy object in my eyeball. GET. IT. OUT.

He found it. Took it out. Thought he was done.

I looked at it. The piece was tiny. “This isn’t the whole thing.”

He argued at first, then fished around again. Extracted another piece.

Me: “It’s still not all of it.”

Several pieces later…

Somehow when I was removing my contact (a soft lens, BTW) it broke into several shards. How does that happen? I’ve never, ever had that happen to me in the twenty five years I’ve been wearing contacts. It disintegrated! There’s no way I would have been able to get the pieces out on my own. 

Side note: these contacts expire mid-2016. It’s not like I used old contacts.

Freakiest thing ever.

I think he got it all out. I don’t feel pain anymore. Though my eye is sore today, and I woke up with a blinding headache.

So yeah… I managed a whole seven pages of edits yesterday. Go me! LOL.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Life Organization

I’ve been on a Life Organization kick. I’m not sure how or why this started, but I’m certainly glad it did. It’s made me more productive.

I’ve always been a list type person. My normal MO is to start with a “brain dump” system using a spiral notebook that sits on my desk — and this won’t change. I do need somewhere for whatever I’m thinking to “land.”

Where my process has morphed is in how the information is applied after the initial “dumping.” 

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that if I want to be productive, my lists have to reside on my computer(s)/phone. That’s where I look all day. That’s where I go to find junk. And my lists are constantly reprioritizing. If I write them down on paper, I’m constantly rewriting, etc. And do you know how hard it is for me to remember to bring the lists I’ve made when I run out of the house? Impossible.

Plus, forget bringing a huge binder/organizer with me. I already carry my camera, as I’m sure most people don't. I really don’t want to add on any more weight to my purse.

My organizing re-vamp focused on what I’m doing (because that obviously works for me) and tweaking it to make it better.

It started with collecting the items that come into my life. In an accessible place so that I can quickly refer back to things without too much trouble. I wanted a place to gather: calendar, email, receipts, journal entries (because I’ve always been a big journaler, but I found that I’m much more likely to journal if I’m typing. The quickness of putting the thoughts out there and such), blog posts, notes from the kids’ schools, every other piece of paper that “collects” in my office. Plus I needed to organize the notes on my phone: The To Do lists, bits of quotes that I’d like to think/reflect on, links etc.

I looked at several different programs and nothing fit what I wanted. Those that came close were expensive. And I’m cheap (let’s face it). If it’s not exactly what I want, I not going to spend the money.

I kept saying: I need something like Scrivener, but for my life. And then, after checking out hundreds of programs, it hit me: just use Scrivener. I already owned it, first off. And second, I know how to customize it to do everything I want.

Yeah, I wasn’t too swift with that lighting bolt idea. Ha.

Side note: Scrivener is AMAZING. I honest to god don’t know how anyone manages to put together a novel in Word. I used to do it, used to love it, and now after switching to Scrivener… yeah, impossible.

The organization kick started with making a Scrivener file where everything could land. I have the daily section (organized by month) where every day gets a new page that I can journal on. Hooked to that are things that happen each day (PDFs of important email, blog posts, status updates, notes from school, kids grades, receipts that need to be saved — everything is scannable), so that I can look back and/or reference them later.

I split the screen for my daily To Do. So it’s always there on the right side of my screen. On my To Do I have today’s list as well as sections for “future,” and other areas like “house projects,” “office,” or “random.” Things that have to get done at some point, but not today. That way if I have a little bit of time, I reference it. Works great! I’ve knocked some long-term items off already. And others stay on my mind so that I’m planning towards them.

Inside the binder portion (outside of the daily), I have sections for things like: copies of past calendars (I do look back to reference stuff — and my calendars are all synced online. I have one calendar with Steven so he can put anything on his phone and it auto updates to my computer), blog stuff, any notes that are not needed on the go, like copies of field trip notices, tax stuff, or random ideas.

Scrivener also has the ability to create collections. Collections. Are. Awesome. Both in a general sense that if you’re writing a book it’s great to be able to look at, let’s say, one specific timeline instead of the whole novel. Using a collection when you have a daily journal allows you to collect highlights, or things you don’t want to lose, or pretty much anything for easy finding.

Seriously, why did I not do this a long time ago?!

I also created a separate scrivener file for my book ideas. I had always been pretty organized with those. They were categorized. But creating a Scrivener file allows me to flip through them without having to open individual files. I also can store all the photographs that inspire ideas there (either attached to the page, or in a separate picture section). I can scan and store all the doodles I make in this binder too. Or collect news articles that inspire an idea.

There are notes I want access to all the time. Things like grocery or store lists, or furniture ideas with measurements (for some reason I need to know the measurements of certain areas in my house a LOT). I also collect a lot of links in my notes because I see an article online and don’t have time to read it right then.

For those things I started to use Evernote. I opened up an Evernote account in 2009 and then promptly did NOTHING with it. That wasn’t my brightest moment. I know that now that I’m actually using it. It’s an amazing program! And you can set up the clipping feature to auto save the links to web pages you want to come back to. Seriously fantastic.

People. My desk is clean. My phone is clean. EVERYTHING IS CLEAN! And I know where all the information is when I need it. ;)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Snapping with the Fuji X-t1

I promised myself I'd write once a week this year. Which should be doable in theory. But I find myself now, on a Friday when I should post a blog, feeling like junk and not knowing what to write about.

Seth is home sick. Apparently it's hitting his school pretty hard. He's already shared his virus with me. He's a good kid like that (ha). So... I'm miserable. He's miserable. And I'm waiting for Bekah to start complaining that she feels awful too. Should be a fun weekend. ;)

His reaction when he saw I had a camera. LOL!

I got a new camera for Christmas (Fuji x-t1). I LOVE it. It's not something I'd recommend if you don't use your manual settings. You certainly have to know what you're doing, it's not an out of the box friendly camera. But. Seriously so, SO tiny. Perfect for taking with you outside the home instead of lugging a big camera.

There are some other drawbacks, like it doesn't handle light (or I should say lack of light) as well as a full framed DSLR. And because it's mirrorless the batteries run out fast. There's also a quirk that if you take out the memory card it will give you an error message when you replace it, so you have to reformat. Still. AMAZING camera.

I wanted it because my mother is taking all the girls to Paris this year. I'm so excited! I began to think about the need to capture amazing pictures (which meant I couldn't just bring a point-and-shoot), but the thought of carrying my huge camera for a week made me want to cry. This was the best compromise.


I need to use the Fuji frequently so that I can learn its quirks and become confident that it's the only camera I need to take (BIG camera I mean. I will take a P&S as well). So far, so good. The more I use it, the more I love it.

Though I did have to switch back to a prime lens (these pics were with the 23mm 1.4). At the time we purchased it, Fuji hadn't come out with a comparable 24-70. They did announce one at CES and that makes me excited! I can't wait for it to be in stock.

Until next week!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five

Ack! Is it Five Thing Friday already?! How did I ever manage this blog thing on the daily?

1. The oldest kid turned 12 this week. We had a sleepover which was fun and rather lower-key than I expected. Score!

He pointed out that next year he’ll be a teenager.

Someone hold me.

2. I’ve had a constant headache this last week. I wonder if I need a new prescription for my glasses. That, and I probably need more sleep.

3. We have to put together Bekah’s Science project this weekend. The one we picked seems rather straightforward. But so did last year’s and that turned out to be a disaster.

To say I’m not looking forward to it (because I fear that we’ll screw it up again) is an understatement. Worse, my wonderful husband pointed out that Bekah went with MY idea, so if it doesn’t work, it’s all my fault.

[Is this the time to admit that last year’s was my idea as well?]

Here’s to hoping that it’s going to work.

4. I got an edit letter from my agent last week, so I’m knee deep in edits at this point. First let me say, it’s pretty much the best edit letter I’ve ever received. I agreed with everything. But, uh, that didn’t stop me panicking that I had no idea how to fix any of it.


I always go through the same crazy pattern to figure out how to make changes to my novel. It involves lots of things I know I can’t do (like fantasizing what to rewrite, or creating new scenes — FYI, that is NOT WHAT THEY WANT. DON’T DO THIS UNLESS THEY SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR IT). After that’s out of my system, I go back to figure out what I’m really going to do.

There’s the whole week following an edit letter (no matter how good the letter is) where I feel like: I can’t do this. I’m going to screw it up. She’ll figure out what a hack I am! 

And then, it’s an amazing thing, it all clicks. I come around to the point where I think: This is going to be awesome! 

After that pitstop in neurosis land, everything in the world is okay again. This is the stage I’m in (thank god!). I just have to finish the edit now.

4. Which leads my to the last inevitable point: I’m eating way too much sugar! You know, as a result of sitting on my butt editing. And worse — WORSE! — I’m eating all kinds of other crap food (like dairy!) just because it’s there. I feel awful. BLAH!

Today it’s going to be a broccoli and hummus kind of a day. I need to detox.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Thing Friday

1. I have workers in my master bathroom reattaching my sink, cabinet, and mirror to the wall.

The other night (at about 1am) there was a loud CRACK!!!!! It freaked me out. I couldn't figure out what it was. Once I realized that no one had broken into the house to murder us, and I got my heart rate under control, I went back to bed.

Turns out my bathroom mirror had popped off the wall. It's shocking it didn't break. It snagged on my medicine cabinet, hanging on the counter by millimeters.

Further investigation revealed that the reason the mirror detached was because the counter and cabinet were never attached/ had separated from the wall. As that had been bearing the weight of the mirror... boom.

So much fun! (not really, ha!)

2. Not working on my main computer brings me to my next point: I love cloud syncing. Seriously, how did I ever live without it?

3. I shared this with Facebook yesterday. I thought it was funny.

Me at Starbucks:

Me: With soy, please.
Dude: Do you want whipped cream?
Me: No. No milk.
Dude: Whipped cream isn't milk.
Me: ....

4. I've questioned myself how in years past I've had the ability to write and edit (several passes) up to three books in a year. It seems like the last few years have been agonizingly slow. Last year I managed an edit one book and completed another.

This year... well, let's just say I'm willing to meet in the middle. My resolution as far as work goes is to stay off the internet because it's a BIG FAT TIME SUCK. I have the worst self-control when it comes to all thing internet related.

5. Resolutions for 2015

I always pick a word that best incorporates the change I'd like to see in my life. This year that word is: FOCUS.

And because I'm in a sharing mood, here's my complete list of resolutions:

  • Celebrate all my achievements (no matter how small).
  • Speak kinder to myself.
  • Keep and "Awesome Journal."
  • Praise myself (visualize what I did right).
  • Offer PEACE to myself.
Reading between the lines it's pretty apparent I'm a perfectionist who only focuses on improving/what I can do better next time. This year I want to try something different. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Goodbye 2014

I'm so thankful it's December. It signifies the close of one of the hardest years of my life.

Nothing extraordinary happened. Not in the way of birth, death, disease, or ultimate catastrophe... and yet, EVERYTHING seemed to change.

I knew it was going to be difficult to transition from military to civilian life. We prepared for it. SAVED for it (and thank god we did). Tried to tie up the loose ends so that when it happened, things would continue on as easily as it possibly could. In the end the transition was as difficult as expected, and yet, somehow more so.

Nothing was a surprise. I know myself, so I knew where I'd have hangups. I thrive on security. Need it like I need air. Predictability, structure, and balance are my friends. I like that everything has a place and a purpose.

When your family is jobless (there was the retirement, but let's be real, I like to afford more than healthcare and food), living in a space that is not theirs (as in not MY furniture, and not MY things), it takes a toll. And while those things came back to me, it was never fast enough to make me feel comfortable. The unease lasted most of the year. It was a constant mantra in my head of, "It's going to be okay. We're fine. We have a roof, food, and electricity. What more do we need?"

Things have evened out to the point where I feel like I'm stable again.

Everything is a learning experience. I want to look back to make sure I learned whatever lesson it was I had to learn, so that I'm prepared to do it better next time, if there is a next time.

Did I personally change? I don't know. I feel like the same person I was before. I hope that I've grown, though. And I'm even more thankful that my relationship with my husband is extremely easy. We communicate well and don't fight. I adore that man to the moon and back.

Because if I had that to deal with relationship issues on top of all the other crap, I don't know how I would have survived that.

There was a point last month where I looked at my husband and said, "Do you realize we've spent every day of this last year together? A whole three hundred and sixty-five consecutive days." That had never happened our entire marriage.

Realistically, it probably won't again because I'm all for girls/guys trips, or visiting parents with the kids if he has to work. But those will be OUR choices, not someone else's.

It's an empowering thought.

That is the crux, I think, of the changes I see in my husband. Because while I don't think I've changed at all, he's changed in unfathomable ways.

At first, it was the typical military-to-civilian things like growing a homeless man beard.

After a time, I think it began to sink in that he could make his own choices about everything. While he doesn't actually make life-altering decisions alone (we are a partnership, after all), I've seen him become protective of others making choices that affect our family. He's a lot more ready to push back against those entreaties (work, family) rather than giving into them to keep the peace.

Which I think is brilliant. ;)

He has literally said, "I don't have to say 'yes' anymore," several times in the last year. Followed then by a huge smile.

I love that.

Perhaps this is my apology (if I need one, I haven't decided) and an explantation of where I've been. You see, I'm honest here. This, these words on the screen, they're the real me. I consciously stopped posting this year without warning. It was a decision. It wasn't that one day I stopped coming back and well... oops! Months have passed.

No. I decided I wasn't in a good place to put myself out there, so I didn't. I felt too exposed. It felt like too many eyes were seeing everything inside my head, while I didn't have a solid ground to stand on. That felt like it was too much at the time.

I'm good now. I'm not sure what I want this space to be. How I want to use it. Or even how often I'll write here. But I do know I'd like to post again. It's been too long.

Friday, June 27, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 24


I'm finally making my way through pictures from two weeks ago.

There's fewer pictures in this set not because I didn't take more, rather that I didn't like the majority of what I shot. For some reason I used my mirrorless camera exclusively during week 24. I don't know if that's because I was on the go, or what. But I find when I use that camera that I never pull it out of my purse all that often. And when I do, the auto focus is a touch too slow, so I miss things. Ugh.

Life has been a bit slow this week. I'm trying to get laundry done (I know, super fun! You're all excited for me) and generally getting my life together. I get all out of sync when people visit.

I also have to get prepared for a trip to visit my new niece when she's born. I don't want to be out of clean clothes when they call to tell me my sister has officially gone into labor. Then I thought: I'll be away from my main computer too! Which made me think of this blog and the fact that I need to catch up with photos if I have any hope of staying on top of it.


I don't really have any other update stuff. Sheesh. I need some excitement in my life. The good kind. I deserve it. *GRIN*

Monday, June 16, 2014

2014: Photo Project, week 23

The sickness is all squared away (hopefully for the rest of the year), so it's officially pool time. Woot! Which is awesome because Vegas is HOT.

I don't know if I noticed last year, but it's nearly impossible to photograph outside in Vegas during the summer. From about 8am till I'd say 3pm -- forget it. The sun is way too harsh. It's forcing me to get creative on the pool shots. First starting later in the afternoon (always helps no matter what time of the year), but also not fighting the deep shadows during editing.

And lucky for me, this was the first time blogger has posted my black and white pictures correctly in months.  I feel so special. :)

My parents are visiting for the week. Yesterday (Father's Day) my dad and Steven took the kids boating. Hum... the fathers taking the kids and leaving my mom and I to a quiet lunch? Father's Day may be my new favorite holiday!!!! :)

Today we are going to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2. Non-stop adventures around here, peeps. LOL!!!!

I just realized I haven't taken pictures for this week yet. I should get on that.

See ya in a few. Later.

Friday, June 13, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 22

At the time I'm posting this... The kids have been out of school now for just over a week. This was their last day of school picture:

The summer has been pretty eventful so far. In the final week of school Seth had a chair pulled out from under him in class. He sustained a concussion and ended up missing several days of school. Which ruined his perfect attendance for the final trimester. He was more pissed off about that than being wobbly for a few days. LOL.

I'm just glad he's fine.

On the first day of summer Bekah woke up with a raging fever. That lasted almost a week. We're fine now (thankfully), but we missed several pool days. That does not make for a happy almost 10-yr-old. :)

Annnnnnd I'll try to get this last weeks' pictures up tomorrow. Perhaps with a few more words (although that may not happen. LOL).

Later, Peeps.

Friday, May 23, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 20

And with this post I am:

1. Finally back in my house WITH my furniture... YAY!!!!!!!

2. Caught back up on my photo project.

I know, I know, you're all amazed with my ability to pull my life together. I AM TOO!!! HAHA



I still have a lot of unpacking and decorating to do. But it's coming together nicely. I need to keep the drive to finish. I just HATE the parts that are left (my office, the kids playroom, and the garage). It's the worst. Which is why those areas languish every time we move.

I also have an area where Steven needs to build me a bookshelf. I know, lucky him (muahahaha). It's probably (most likely) a pain to be married to me. First, I have an endless supply of "projects" I need done. None of which I am willing to work on any part of (as in building, painting and assembling custom bookcases). Second, I love buying, creating, and hanging complicated wall pieces. Add to that I'm a wee bit (a LOT) OCD. People, it's a comedy show when I "direct" him how to hang stuff.

He's a good sport about it. Which is why I like being married to him. I'm not so sure he gets the same benefit out of our relationship. Though, he assures me that I'm amazing and that he is so, so lucky.

To which I walk away and snort at the snow job I pulled. haha. *pat myself on the back*

Even with my life finally coming together, I don't feel like things have settled yet. It's a strange space to be. Normally I move, get my furniture placed, and go forward with barely a hiccup. This time I'm still out of sync.

I have no idea why that is.

It does get better every day. My hope is that within the next year I'll feel that "click" of my life becoming normal again. Or at least predictable, because I'd totally take that at this point.

Wow. A whole blog WITH WORDS. Who knew I could still manage that? :)

See you next time, peeps! Later.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 19

These pictures were from the last week we spent at my parents' house. The pictures are... well... they ARE. I guess that's all I can say for them. I need to get back into my grove.

I am feeling that might actually happen in the coming week.

I do still have boxes left to unpack (and a garage that needs to be cleaned out) but for the most part I feel I'm in a place where I can try to write several hours a day. And I'm also going to be more diligent about picking up my camera. At least that's the plan, man.

Sleep is on that list too.


My parents should be here in an hour or two. Which means: If I have any hope of catching up on this blog I should download this last week's pictures off my camera and edit them real quick.

Hasta luego, peeps.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 18

Considering how busy I've been, the fact that I'm only three weeks behind is pretty good! ;)

These pictures were taken when we were still camping out at my parents' new house while our floor was being finished. At some point I may put together a blog post showing my floor transformation (don't hold your breath, though, I still need to catch up with the photo project first!).

We are now back in our house. Our furniture was delivered last Monday and we're now digging ourselves out from under the boxes. Last night I finally got my desktop hooked up. I'm making a point to try to catch up with the blog posts by the end of day on Sunday.


I also know that my parents are in town for the long weekend (and maybe other family members). That means that I may not have time. All I can do is try!

I've pretty much done nothing else but move. I feel disconnected in a way I haven't felt in years. Take away writing and photography (because let me tell you, despite how it looks, I rarely picked up the camera in these last few weeks) and I'm lost. There's no form of self-expression left. I'm about to implode.

Monday, May 5, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 17

Seriously, Google, why do my black and white pictures on blogger always come out funky shades of sepia?! I'm going crazy about this.

These two pictures:


At least the third time I loaded the second picture it changed from a brown to more of a brownish/silverish whatever that color is.



I didn't know if I had any pictures at all from this week. It's the week we moved. And honestly, I survived. That's all that matters. I thought today was going to be my first day with only a mild bit of craziness.


We've had electrical issues this morning.

I'm going to focus on the bright side:

  • All of the crazy stuff will eventually end.
  • The movers couldn't get our household goods on the truck today. Which is a REALLY GOOD THING!!!!! considering the floor guys are nowhere (and I mean NOWHERE) near finished with the installation. This buys us at least two days. So YAY!!!!!
  • The electrical issues are at the other house (that I'll eventually live in), not the one I'm staying in, so that means I have internet. It's the little things that mean so much. Ha!

This picture above... It's of my night guard.

Can we get chatty for a second?

Exactly a year ago my teeth were perfect. Then I moved to Vegas and have been living in stress ever since.

Fast forward to 6 months ago where I found out that I'd started grinding/clinching my teeth (during the day as well as the night!) and had broken two them at the root.

Horrible and annoying, but not the end of the world.

Fast forward again to two weeks ago at my next checkup. I've now ground/clinched enough to break through five roots and I've cracked four teeth.


The dentist said I had to wear my night guard religiously (during the day if I have to) or in another six months I'll have to cap most of my teeth.

That, my friends, is some serious stress. HA! I really need to get it under control. I have since taken to wearing my guard all the time. You know, now that I've been threatened with being toothless!

I could also look into some yoga classes. Or a form of zen mastery of some sort. Ooooh, or a daily massage. Now THAT is a possibility. ;)

Hopefully I can get a post up on time this week (Wed or Thurs). We'll see.

Until later, peeps!


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