Thursday, December 28, 2017


I’ve written (started) six blog posts this month. Ha. Obviously I want to write and post but I’m out of practice.

One of my resolutions for 2018 is to post once a month. On the outset it sounds doable. Then I snicker because I know I’ll struggle.

I’m editing a book and it’s not going well. That’s a nice way to say that both the holidays and the book have conspired against me. My productivity has sucked.

I wanted to be done with this particular edit, and now it’s not looking like it will be finished before the middle of January. 

I have to deeply believe in the book in order to let it go. And I don’t currently think it’s the best I can get it. 

It didn’t used to be that way. I used to get it to “good enough”—which FYI, is NEVER good enough, so don’t fall for that trap. 

Now I tell myself that holding back my work until I know it’s ready is a sign of growth. 


Or maybe I’m aware of how fast your hard work can tank if you let it go too soon. Because the scars from previous books still sting. And this book—it’s my heart. If it tanks, I’ll cry.

Anyway. I have to have another few rounds of work on this manuscript before I label it “done” and ship it off.


Knowing the amount of tweaking that still has to be done… ugh. It’s overwhelming and makes the task feel like it might never end. And that’s discouraging. Because I just want to be FINISHED. 

Add to that the need to make it “perfect,” or at least so amazing that a reader can’t put it down—

Yeah, too much pressure.

Bottom line: I’m dragging my feet.

So… January. I’m coming for you.



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