Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Patronus Charms and Other Sparkly Things

The biggest problem with this blog is that I’m not sure what it wants to BE.

Writing here used to be easy. It was a catalog of my family’s adventures as we moved around the world. It was mostly for my family so that I could keep in touch and share our stories. The majority of those posts have been taken off-line at this point. 

My kids were small then, and didn’t have opinions about what I posted about them online. Now they’re savvy and know how to navigate their way to my blog and do NOT want me posting about them. They don’t care so much that I post cell phone pictures on Instagram as long as my account is locked (they’re words, not mine). They’re a little more hesitant when I share stories on Facebook.

Which limits the stories I can tell here as well as the pictures I can post. 

I also don’t want this blog to become a “Hey, I’m an author website, so I’ll only talk about my books!” site. That would take away the joy of writing here.

July is already busy five days in. I’ve joined Camp NaNo and I’m in a cabin with other local writers. That’s been fun. I’ve made no secret that the NaNo format doesn’t work for me. I never “win.” And admittedly, I don’t ever try. 

Writing a bunch of words in a document so that I have to sort through them later is NOT the way I write. I’m a big proponent of write the way that makes you successful, and that’s not the NaNo way for me.


I LOVE the community, especially here in Vegas. I’ve landed in a place where people actively write and they have a continuous presence both online and in person throughout the year. I love it.

So I’ll be spending July writing, which I’d be doing anyway (haha). But I also have an edit that I have to do, so I may not get too many words on the page. If I can make 30K, I’ll be thrilled.

Here’s a 4th of July picture. We’re practicing our patronus charms. Mine is a honey badger.


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