Friday, January 23, 2015

Snapping with the Fuji X-t1

I promised myself I'd write once a week this year. Which should be doable in theory. But I find myself now, on a Friday when I should post a blog, feeling like junk and not knowing what to write about.

Seth is home sick. Apparently it's hitting his school pretty hard. He's already shared his virus with me. He's a good kid like that (ha). So... I'm miserable. He's miserable. And I'm waiting for Bekah to start complaining that she feels awful too. Should be a fun weekend. ;)

His reaction when he saw I had a camera. LOL!

I got a new camera for Christmas (Fuji x-t1). I LOVE it. It's not something I'd recommend if you don't use your manual settings. You certainly have to know what you're doing, it's not an out of the box friendly camera. But. Seriously so, SO tiny. Perfect for taking with you outside the home instead of lugging a big camera.

There are some other drawbacks, like it doesn't handle light (or I should say lack of light) as well as a full framed DSLR. And because it's mirrorless the batteries run out fast. There's also a quirk that if you take out the memory card it will give you an error message when you replace it, so you have to reformat. Still. AMAZING camera.

I wanted it because my mother is taking all the girls to Paris this year. I'm so excited! I began to think about the need to capture amazing pictures (which meant I couldn't just bring a point-and-shoot), but the thought of carrying my huge camera for a week made me want to cry. This was the best compromise.


I need to use the Fuji frequently so that I can learn its quirks and become confident that it's the only camera I need to take (BIG camera I mean. I will take a P&S as well). So far, so good. The more I use it, the more I love it.

Though I did have to switch back to a prime lens (these pics were with the 23mm 1.4). At the time we purchased it, Fuji hadn't come out with a comparable 24-70. They did announce one at CES and that makes me excited! I can't wait for it to be in stock.

Until next week!

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