Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five

Ack! Is it Five Thing Friday already?! How did I ever manage this blog thing on the daily?

1. The oldest kid turned 12 this week. We had a sleepover which was fun and rather lower-key than I expected. Score!

He pointed out that next year he’ll be a teenager.

Someone hold me.

2. I’ve had a constant headache this last week. I wonder if I need a new prescription for my glasses. That, and I probably need more sleep.

3. We have to put together Bekah’s Science project this weekend. The one we picked seems rather straightforward. But so did last year’s and that turned out to be a disaster.

To say I’m not looking forward to it (because I fear that we’ll screw it up again) is an understatement. Worse, my wonderful husband pointed out that Bekah went with MY idea, so if it doesn’t work, it’s all my fault.

[Is this the time to admit that last year’s was my idea as well?]

Here’s to hoping that it’s going to work.

4. I got an edit letter from my agent last week, so I’m knee deep in edits at this point. First let me say, it’s pretty much the best edit letter I’ve ever received. I agreed with everything. But, uh, that didn’t stop me panicking that I had no idea how to fix any of it.


I always go through the same crazy pattern to figure out how to make changes to my novel. It involves lots of things I know I can’t do (like fantasizing what to rewrite, or creating new scenes — FYI, that is NOT WHAT THEY WANT. DON’T DO THIS UNLESS THEY SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR IT). After that’s out of my system, I go back to figure out what I’m really going to do.

There’s the whole week following an edit letter (no matter how good the letter is) where I feel like: I can’t do this. I’m going to screw it up. She’ll figure out what a hack I am! 

And then, it’s an amazing thing, it all clicks. I come around to the point where I think: This is going to be awesome! 

After that pitstop in neurosis land, everything in the world is okay again. This is the stage I’m in (thank god!). I just have to finish the edit now.

4. Which leads my to the last inevitable point: I’m eating way too much sugar! You know, as a result of sitting on my butt editing. And worse — WORSE! — I’m eating all kinds of other crap food (like dairy!) just because it’s there. I feel awful. BLAH!

Today it’s going to be a broccoli and hummus kind of a day. I need to detox.

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