Monday, June 16, 2014

2014: Photo Project, week 23

The sickness is all squared away (hopefully for the rest of the year), so it's officially pool time. Woot! Which is awesome because Vegas is HOT.

I don't know if I noticed last year, but it's nearly impossible to photograph outside in Vegas during the summer. From about 8am till I'd say 3pm -- forget it. The sun is way too harsh. It's forcing me to get creative on the pool shots. First starting later in the afternoon (always helps no matter what time of the year), but also not fighting the deep shadows during editing.

And lucky for me, this was the first time blogger has posted my black and white pictures correctly in months.  I feel so special. :)

My parents are visiting for the week. Yesterday (Father's Day) my dad and Steven took the kids boating. Hum... the fathers taking the kids and leaving my mom and I to a quiet lunch? Father's Day may be my new favorite holiday!!!! :)

Today we are going to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2. Non-stop adventures around here, peeps. LOL!!!!

I just realized I haven't taken pictures for this week yet. I should get on that.

See ya in a few. Later.

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