Friday, June 13, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 22

At the time I'm posting this... The kids have been out of school now for just over a week. This was their last day of school picture:

The summer has been pretty eventful so far. In the final week of school Seth had a chair pulled out from under him in class. He sustained a concussion and ended up missing several days of school. Which ruined his perfect attendance for the final trimester. He was more pissed off about that than being wobbly for a few days. LOL.

I'm just glad he's fine.

On the first day of summer Bekah woke up with a raging fever. That lasted almost a week. We're fine now (thankfully), but we missed several pool days. That does not make for a happy almost 10-yr-old. :)

Annnnnnd I'll try to get this last weeks' pictures up tomorrow. Perhaps with a few more words (although that may not happen. LOL).

Later, Peeps.

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