Friday, May 23, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 20

And with this post I am:

1. Finally back in my house WITH my furniture... YAY!!!!!!!

2. Caught back up on my photo project.

I know, I know, you're all amazed with my ability to pull my life together. I AM TOO!!! HAHA



I still have a lot of unpacking and decorating to do. But it's coming together nicely. I need to keep the drive to finish. I just HATE the parts that are left (my office, the kids playroom, and the garage). It's the worst. Which is why those areas languish every time we move.

I also have an area where Steven needs to build me a bookshelf. I know, lucky him (muahahaha). It's probably (most likely) a pain to be married to me. First, I have an endless supply of "projects" I need done. None of which I am willing to work on any part of (as in building, painting and assembling custom bookcases). Second, I love buying, creating, and hanging complicated wall pieces. Add to that I'm a wee bit (a LOT) OCD. People, it's a comedy show when I "direct" him how to hang stuff.

He's a good sport about it. Which is why I like being married to him. I'm not so sure he gets the same benefit out of our relationship. Though, he assures me that I'm amazing and that he is so, so lucky.

To which I walk away and snort at the snow job I pulled. haha. *pat myself on the back*

Even with my life finally coming together, I don't feel like things have settled yet. It's a strange space to be. Normally I move, get my furniture placed, and go forward with barely a hiccup. This time I'm still out of sync.

I have no idea why that is.

It does get better every day. My hope is that within the next year I'll feel that "click" of my life becoming normal again. Or at least predictable, because I'd totally take that at this point.

Wow. A whole blog WITH WORDS. Who knew I could still manage that? :)

See you next time, peeps! Later.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 19

These pictures were from the last week we spent at my parents' house. The pictures are... well... they ARE. I guess that's all I can say for them. I need to get back into my grove.

I am feeling that might actually happen in the coming week.

I do still have boxes left to unpack (and a garage that needs to be cleaned out) but for the most part I feel I'm in a place where I can try to write several hours a day. And I'm also going to be more diligent about picking up my camera. At least that's the plan, man.

Sleep is on that list too.


My parents should be here in an hour or two. Which means: If I have any hope of catching up on this blog I should download this last week's pictures off my camera and edit them real quick.

Hasta luego, peeps.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 18

Considering how busy I've been, the fact that I'm only three weeks behind is pretty good! ;)

These pictures were taken when we were still camping out at my parents' new house while our floor was being finished. At some point I may put together a blog post showing my floor transformation (don't hold your breath, though, I still need to catch up with the photo project first!).

We are now back in our house. Our furniture was delivered last Monday and we're now digging ourselves out from under the boxes. Last night I finally got my desktop hooked up. I'm making a point to try to catch up with the blog posts by the end of day on Sunday.


I also know that my parents are in town for the long weekend (and maybe other family members). That means that I may not have time. All I can do is try!

I've pretty much done nothing else but move. I feel disconnected in a way I haven't felt in years. Take away writing and photography (because let me tell you, despite how it looks, I rarely picked up the camera in these last few weeks) and I'm lost. There's no form of self-expression left. I'm about to implode.

Monday, May 5, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 17

Seriously, Google, why do my black and white pictures on blogger always come out funky shades of sepia?! I'm going crazy about this.

These two pictures:


At least the third time I loaded the second picture it changed from a brown to more of a brownish/silverish whatever that color is.



I didn't know if I had any pictures at all from this week. It's the week we moved. And honestly, I survived. That's all that matters. I thought today was going to be my first day with only a mild bit of craziness.


We've had electrical issues this morning.

I'm going to focus on the bright side:

  • All of the crazy stuff will eventually end.
  • The movers couldn't get our household goods on the truck today. Which is a REALLY GOOD THING!!!!! considering the floor guys are nowhere (and I mean NOWHERE) near finished with the installation. This buys us at least two days. So YAY!!!!!
  • The electrical issues are at the other house (that I'll eventually live in), not the one I'm staying in, so that means I have internet. It's the little things that mean so much. Ha!

This picture above... It's of my night guard.

Can we get chatty for a second?

Exactly a year ago my teeth were perfect. Then I moved to Vegas and have been living in stress ever since.

Fast forward to 6 months ago where I found out that I'd started grinding/clinching my teeth (during the day as well as the night!) and had broken two them at the root.

Horrible and annoying, but not the end of the world.

Fast forward again to two weeks ago at my next checkup. I've now ground/clinched enough to break through five roots and I've cracked four teeth.


The dentist said I had to wear my night guard religiously (during the day if I have to) or in another six months I'll have to cap most of my teeth.

That, my friends, is some serious stress. HA! I really need to get it under control. I have since taken to wearing my guard all the time. You know, now that I've been threatened with being toothless!

I could also look into some yoga classes. Or a form of zen mastery of some sort. Ooooh, or a daily massage. Now THAT is a possibility. ;)

Hopefully I can get a post up on time this week (Wed or Thurs). We'll see.

Until later, peeps!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 16

Shall I always be playing catch up?

I haven't had the opportunity to get on my computer for almost three weeks. LOTS of stuff happening around here.

  • My parents bought the house next door.
  • They had stuff done inside it (paint, etc...) that I had to be available for.
  • We packed up the current house and then moved all their furniture.
  • My family packed up our stuff and moved as well because we started carpets and tile in the old house. Which means we're living in the new house for two weeks. Plus our household goods aren't here yet.
  • Internet had an issue with the new house. :)
  • While moving, we discovered that my parents dining room table won't fit together without the leaf. I had to be available for the repair guy, and now the new table when it comes.
  • In the interim of the move, we got a notice from the association that the outside of the house I'll eventually live in needs paint. So... that happened.
  • When the paint guys got on the roof they realized that (1) the roof was sliding off and (2) I had birds living in it. So, yeah. There was that.

Hum... anything else? It's difficult to remember.

*tapping finger*

It may come to me in the next post. We'll see. haha.

Let's go back in time to before the move...


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