Sunday, April 20, 2014

Writing Updatery

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post not based on my week’s pictures. Or even a writing post for that matter. So here’s a little updatery for that.

I’ve finally gotten my edit list together on the book I’ve been futzing with for the last year.

A little background for those that skim my writing posts: It was finished and edited (not polished), but I knew that there was something wrong with it. MAJOR wrong with it. So it kind of lingered forever in this space of… BLAH.

I’ve learned from experience that sometimes I can’t rush things. And sometimes I have finish before I can see where I went wrong. It’s frustrating because where I go wrong is always OBVIOUS and GLARING once I see it.

*Looking at my nails*
*looking at the computer screen*
*looking at my nails*

I knew there were problems. Obviously. Hence the reason I was like: la-la-laaaaa I’ll just continue forward with it but I’m not showing anyone or talking about it. Because knowing that you need to fix stuff, and knowing WHAT TO FIX, are two different things.

I think sometimes people know they have issues with their book and they dive in “with all the FIXZ” way too soon. Or they get someone else's opinion too early before they figure it out on their own. That generally leads to the plot becoming a jumbled mess. Like word soup. Everything devolves and then the characters start to act schizophrenic…

I may know a little bit about that.


Which is why I do not edit without fully understanding the problem and having a concrete plan.

Plus, my life has been nuts (let’s not forget that). So it’s not like I tried very hard to figure out the issues with my novel. Writing has been back-burner while I focused on the rest of my life.

Only so much brainpower to go around, yo.

It’s funny how everything snaps back into place like dominos. Life problems work themselves out… I begin to move forward… My brain starts to function again… My creativity unlocks…


I finally realized where I went wrong. Plus, there was another area of the book that I knew I had to improve (it had always been on the To Edit List, but I’d put off fixing it because I knew I’d have a major revision anyway). Figuring out those two items led to several others that needed to be revised – because isn’t that the way it is? Edits are like an octopus, spreading its tentacles.

Squeezing my brain.

Drowning. Me.

My edit list turned into fourteen single-spaced pages.





On a good note: I’m so happy that I’ve finally unlocked this book. Now it’s just a matter of doing the work and making it amazing.

Easy enough.

Wink. Wink. Wink.

There are two notes I’m still thinking about/ruminating on that affect the end of the book. Not a big deal at this point. I’ll worry about it when I get there and reevaluate based on how the novel changed/grew.

So that’s where I am. It was difficult but so worth it!

Because now I’m giddy excited about it. It’s gone from a “book with potential” to “Oh. Em. Gee. I LOVE!”

Knowing me that feeling will last a week. LOL!

See you on the flipside, peeps.

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  1. I totally get walking away from a project and letting it simmer on the back burner until it reaches the right consistency. Problem I have is when that BAM comes and things fall into place, I'm usually someplace inconvenient...without a pen or pencil...even a phone. :/



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