Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 13

I'm a week behind. Esh. *gulp* I figured I'd better get a post up before I'm due for another.

These last two weeks have been as busy as I predicted. My parents were out two weekends before. Then this last weekend Steven's parents, my parents and my brother. And now my parents are here through this week. It's been a full house. Not to mention that every day has appointments scheduled. I feel asleep hard last night.

This is the first time I've been on my computer in over a week. Which is crazy, if you think about it. And my life shows no signs of slowing down at least for another two-ish months.

I edited a bunch of pictures this morning and then realized that, although I liked a lot of them, I really loved the pictures of the kids wrestling Steven. I, uh, kind of started this fight because I tried to tickle his feet (which he didn't appreciate). And when he retaliated, I called in my troops. Don't mess with mom. ;)


  1. Is this symbolic of what is happening in your brain with all activities/people fighting for the top slot?!

    1. Oh, Patti, you have no idea. My life is chaos right now. LOL



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