Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 9

This has been SUCH. A. CRAZY. WEEK. you have no idea.

Oh, and I talk about vomit (AGAIN!) in this blog. So… be warned.



My sister had her baby last week. Friday night the kids and I jumped in a car and zoomed out to take baby pictures. My SIL, Melissa, was the art director. She's fab. It took a lot of pressure off having another set of hands.

Here's Melissa's littlest getting in the baby basket. She wanted pictures too! xo.

My brother, Troy, swung by (or flew by *wink*):

And the two big brothers helped me test the light. Cutest helpers ever.

But enough of those knuckleheads, you want to see the baby, right? RIGHT. 

Here's Myles. I love him. He's so cute! And alert. Though, the "alert" part wasn't so fun when trying to take baby pictures. haha.

Then I drove home and attend WPPI this week. Or, what I could of it considering I didn't have my husband around for babysitting and my kids were vomiting EVERYWHERE. 

What is up with this vomiting thing? But more? Why can't they get it in the toilet? I think they've sprayed every surface of my parents house, my car, this house… and yet NONE of it has ended up where it's supposed to. Even when they hold a bag or a bucket in their hands!

By Wednesday I'd had it. I told Seth that he had to help me clean his mess up. He gaged the whole time and complained that it was "disgusting." Uh, yeah. DUH.

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