Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 12

There’s been a lot of creativity flowing this week. Woo hooo! I was beginning to think I’d lost it all.

My current manuscript has been lingering… and lingering… and lingering. I’ll be honest: I knew there was something wrong with it, but I couldn’t say what. I worked on it, pressing forward, without any intention of showing it to anyone. Or really, polishing it. Because with experience comes knowledge of when it’s NOT right. Plus, I didn’t love it.

For me "love" doesn't come with a Shiny New Idea. It comes later when the book morphs into something more. And everything I've put into place suddenly makes sense.

I can't put it out there until I love it. Mostly because it's a tough business and I have to believe in my work more than anyone else. You'll get eaten alive if you feel like it's "good enough." Because "good enough" is NOT good enough. Not to me. I want to walk away from every manuscript thinking: This is the best of my ability. It's the best of what I've created to date.

Because that's the only thing I can control.

This last weekend I was slogging through a scene that I’ve never been able to make work (which is a sure sign that there’s SOMETHING wrong) AND IT HIT ME, RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES, where I messed up with this book.


On one hand, I’m deliriously happy that I’ll finally be able to fix it. On the other, why couldn’t I see the problem before now? UGH! It’s SO OBVIOUS. My brain always knows these things before it’s willing to tell me. I already have the groundwork laid.

That's how it works. I've created the book to sustain this new depth. Yet, I don't see it's there for quite a long time. Annoying. Can't I be perfect out of the gate? haha. ;)

That leaves me with making a plotting list for this revision. Because it’s going to be a quite extensive, but necessary revision.

I’m PUMPED, though. This book is the bomb now. So excited.

First time I’ve been able to say that!

This week I’ve also managed to take a few photos that I love. Which. My photography has been suffering from the blahs. I'll admit it. There's a difference between the times I consciously try to be present and take a photo showing what I see in relation to the story I want to tell, and when I'm simply picking up the camera because that's my habit.

It makes a huge difference. Something I'm well aware of, yet don't often follow through with.

Overall, between the writing and the photography, I feel a wave of fresh creativity. I need to latch onto it and ride it for a while.

The kids are determined to start a YouTube channel. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if this is going to work. I did allow them the use of one of my cameras (under threat to treat it with extreme care).

They spent the majority of the weekend filming. And who do you think they expect to edit the episodes?

*blink* *Looking around* *blink* *blink*

If they manage to get some usable footage, I can commit one day a week, at most, to editing and uploading. We'll see.

I have no idea what they’ve recorded so far. All I know is that they’ve recorded A LOT. I’m constantly changing the battery.

Looking forward: It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks around here. Nearly every day has something on the calendar. I can’t wait for summer! I need to sleep in. zzzz. In the meantime I have a book to revise.

Later, peeps.

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