Friday, March 21, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 11

In my mind I already wrote and posted this blog. Imagine my surprise when, on Friday, I realized I hadn't. Ha.

You're more than welcome to take that as a metaphor of my life. ;)

This picture (above) was taken the day before he "trimmed" his beard, in which he ended up with a goatee. So his look went from homeless chic to serial killer.


I have to put up with the changing facial hair for a while, I think. It's the downside to being forced to shave for 20 years. Maybe -- EVENTUALLY -- the crazy beard style will relax with time. We'll see.

I will say that my husband is beyond amazing. There were several things that were causing me great anxiety and he fixed them for me this last week. One being the unorganized toys in the playroom.

He reconfigured the master closet so that I could move my things from the kids playroom closet into the master bedroom closet, and then he built shelves for the kids.

It's amazing to have all the toys put away. They won't admit it, but the kids are MUCH happier with an organized toy closet.

I took the kids to the doctor for the random vomiting. I waited so long because there were no other symptoms. No pain, no fever… NOTHING. And even the vomiting only happened once a week, or so. I thought they had some sort of random bug that would go away on its own.

Then Bekah vomited AGAIN Tuesday night and I thought: I'M SO OVER THIS. I made an appointment despite her very LOUD protests against seeing the doctor (because according to her she was FINE).

Turns out she has a major infection. Like, I'm surprised she's not writhing in pain. And had I let it go another day or two, she would have ended up in the hospital.

Let's all hope that after a round of antibiotics the puking will be taken care of, m'kay? LOL

I need to get serious about polishing my next manuscript. I know I keep saying that and then EVERY WEEK something happens that forces me not to work on it. Blah. And I also need to say "polish" rather than "finish," because my mom asked me, "How much have you got left to write?" Which confused me because I'd finished the actual writing back in October.

But. Then.


So… Yeah… That polishing needs to happen STAT.

Until next week, peeps! Later.

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