Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 8

Another week flew by. I'm starting to characterize 2014 as the "Year of the Exhaustion." ha.

I am happy that I'm maintaining this project, though. The pictures have morphed into a journaling exercise. At the end of the year at least I'll know how my days were spent. Because they're blending together at this point.


Lots of time was spent this weekend getting the kids' science project poster boards together. zzzz.

At least it's over. Except that, they turned them in on Monday, and then on Tuesday Seth was assigned ANOTHER project.

It's one project after another! Not happy about that.

This next assignment is a group project (which also sucks). But I realized that I got the new cell for the kids just in time. Random kids calling my cell would drive me batty. I set some ground rules (as in: Seth will NOT be doing the majority of the project because OF COURSE he volunteered for all the hard parts. SIGH) and then I'm staying out of it.


I haven't done anything on my manuscript in weeks. I'll admit it.

I don't know what's wrong with me. Well, I do know what's wrong with me. My life is unsettled and overwhelmingly busy. That makes it difficult for me to concentrate for the short periods of time I can manage to scrape together.

I keep opening the file. Staring at it. I even went so far as to come up with another idea so I could write something fresh to see if that helped.

Still nada.

So… I really need to focus. Or somehow make those tiny moments work for me. Though, that seems nearly impossible.

I keep writing the same update on this blog. Part of it is that I need to be held accountable. It makes me feel terrible that I'm not progressing each week. I'm hoping at some point feeling this way makes me fight harder.

… or something.


This week I implemented dietary changes that I've considered for a while. I'm going to start skewing several of the family meals per week toward a meatless/dairyless diet.

Not full vegan. I can't/won't make that kind of commitment. Because, honestly, I'm not giving up sushi. No way. No how.

Or leather. I look damn good in leather. And the cow is already dead, so that seems like a waste. ;)

Bottom line: We don't need to eat meat in every meal. If it doesn't need to be there, we don't need to eat it.

My biggest hangup to a full vegan diet is "faux meat." Why would I want to put wheat gluten (processed at that!) in my body instead of meat? The whole point of cooking like this in the first place is that I want to eliminate most (if not all) processed foods.

If it's a recipe that requires meat, we'll eat meat. I just don't want the majority of what I prepare to be recipes requiring meat. haha.

I didn't want to get stuck in a food rut either -- because I totally could eat the same meal over and over again and be perfectly content. My family is another story. So I ordered four cookbooks (1 vegetarian and 3 vegan). They should get here sometime next week-ish. I'm looking forward to new dishes!

[I typed "week-ish" and it autocorrected to "weakfish." I didn't know that was a word, let alone another name for trout! Learn something new every day. huh.]

In the meantime, I've been experimenting with what I have in the fridge. The recipes I've found online are generic and don't look appetizing. Plus, I wanted to have several dishes that are meatless versions of what I normally make.

I managed two pretty good dishes in a row (according to me, don't ask the kids because they hate everything) and then a disaster meal last night. In the end it was edible, but man, I'm going to have to do some tweaking to that one before it will be on the rotation.

Honestly, this change hasn't been difficult for me at all. I've been nearly all-veggie for a year. The only difference it made was that instead of making a "family" meal and a "me" meal, I'm making one and they can deal with it. So that equals LESS work for me, not more.

All in all, a very good change!

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  1. School projects are designed to make you go broke and make you go nuts. So cause you feel back enough to either be nuts or broke you are now both.



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