Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 7

I have NEVER been good at knowing what days my kids have off from school. I'm, like, the worst parent ever when it comes to that stuff. It started when Seth began Kindergarten and I took him to school on the wrong day. I guess it's just continued.

It used to be okay when they rode the bus. Because if there wasn't school, it didn't show up. And then sometimes it came home early and I thought: wow, guess it's a half day. LOL



So this year I was going to be responsible. Before they started the school year I went to the online school calendar and put every single day off they had in my personal calendar. It's worked okay so far.

And. Then.

We were supposed to leave for the Big Bear Friday afternoon (after school) so that we could spend the holiday weekend away. Being the lazy person I am, I didn't bother packing early (because, why?). That's what Friday morning is for, right? haha.

Seth and Bekah both told me they had Friday off. But. I didn't believe them. Because I CHECKED the school calendar. And when they began insisting, I checked again. There was absolutely no day off listed. So I basically told them they were crazy.

Well, I literally told them they were crazy.

And I hadn't bought Valentine's Day cards because they had been sick that week. I figured we'd get them after school on Thursday, fill them out that night, and call it good.

So there I was on Thursday afternoon when I got a text from Steven. He said (paraphrased): Hey, it's a madhouse at school (like it only is before a holiday). Am I sure that they don't have school on Friday?

I checked the school calendar again. Nada. But then I decided: Hey, you know what? They email me a newsletter every Monday (that I don't read). Maybe I should check that before I tell him that I'm positive.

Wouldn't you know: No school on Friday.


Which meant that their Valentine's day party was that day (Thursday) and they didn't have Valentine's Day cards. They weren't thrilled. Not that they gave me too much crap for it. Because my kids know me. I'm sure it's not the last time I'll screw up.

I really am a great mom. My kids dig me. There are just some things that I'm not good at. I've learned to accept this and move on. No one can be perfect. With this kind of stuff, it's obvious I never will be.


At least I tried.

We ran around like chickens on Thursday afternoon and managed to get out the door by 4pm. Yes, I was impressed too. Note: this only happened because Steven did all the laundry that morning.

I am lucky.

That gave us another full day at the cabin. Which was really wonderful. Time away (especially without internet) is always nice. Though, the sickness followed. Bekah puked AGAIN from the top bunk in the cabin. And AGAIN slept through it.

The sickness is still lingering too, even though they're back at school (because they don't have fevers and are perfectly fine during the day). Last night Seth vomited all over the hallway wall. My kids really need to learn how to get to a toilet. It would be super helpful.

^I obviously didn't take this one. ;)

The kids have to put together their Science Project poster boards this weekend. Really looking forward to that (haha, not). At least all the work is done, they just need to assemble it. And I have to take some final pictures and get them printed. I'll be so happy when that's finished.

Aaaaand. That's it. Bam! Check you next week, peeps.

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