Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

It is so quiet today, I don't know what to do with myself.

We celebrated a low key New Years in Las Vegas with my parents and my brother's family.

My brother and SIL and their two kids (pictured in this blog) left for CA last night. And my parents left early this morning (I got up and they were GONE!).  This is the first time I've had a moment to myself in weeks. And what do I do? Work? NAH! I edited pictures.

Didn't think I'd change my stripes in the new year, did you? LOL.

I've given a lot of thought to my photo project this year. I missed doing one last year. I decided that I don't want to post a 365 again. Though, the personal goal is to take a picture every day.

One thing I noticed when I posted the 365 is that (besides being a pain in the ass to keep up with) there were days where I had utter drivel and then there were days where we did some neat things and I had any number of cool shots I could share. I don't want to post those horrible days this year.

When I looked at that project as a whole, it was within the range of doable that I could pick five pictures a week that I really liked. Whether they were all the same day, or five different days, there were at least that many that I could get excited about. Five is a really achievable number for me to reach.

So that's the plan: Five pictures that represent my life per week.

I'm not going to do anything crazy like say: I'd like a family picture once a month, because we all know how well that worked out last year (read: I don't think I made it two months. LOL!). But I WOULD like more family pictures this year. I've got to get better at taking them. And I also would like more of Steven and I together.

The only other thing on the agenda is to finish my manuscript, the one that languished all last year. I'm going to chalk 2013 up to a lot of transitionary moments that sucked my time. As of now, 2014, I'm going to get back to my writing schedule. I know that it doesn't take me this long to finish a manuscript, and that I'm quite capable of kicking some ass. So. Commence that ass kicking STAT.

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