Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 4

I'm in a black and white kind of mood this week. ;)

I have no idea what that means exactly, other than I'm not feeling the love from any of my pictures edited in color. Maybe I'm moody. I don't know.

I did have (another!) moment of panic last night when I thought: this week's blog is going to be difficult. I don't remember photographing anything good. When I downloaded my photos this morning there were some decent ones. Once again surprised and happy.

Perhaps next week I'll be able to concentrate on some photos. We'll see. I would like to attempt a self-portrait and maybe a family shot.

That seems like a big attempt. Maybe too big.

Not a whole lot of anything interesting happened this week. Trust me, I wish something had happened.

I finished an edit I'm working on which meant staying in PJs. I did manage to shower and switch to new ones throughout the week. So I wasn't a total slob. And yesterday I left the house to go to the library and Trader Joe's.

You know you're living in a bubble when the highlight of your week is Trader Joe's. You guys! They have a cilantro jalapeƱo hummus that is TO. DIE. FOR. It burns. SO good. Also pick up their cilantro dressing. I crave it.

I went shopping while hungry (not good). So now my fridge is stocked full of perishable items. I feel as if I must eat (it's my duty!) so that I'm not wasteful.

Hopefully life will get back on track soon. After I reread this edit, I'm done with that. So at least there will be a new writing project next week. Well, new OLD writing project. I still need to get my manuscript from last year in shape.

Annnnd that about sums up my week. I need to go out, or something. Hit the strip for some street photography. Maybe that will pull me out of my slump.

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