Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 3

I've been extraordinarily busy this week. The flip side (and this always happens): the busier I am, the more creative I become. There were numerous pictures I was in love with this week. The reason simply boiled down to:

1. I was busy, so I made a point to pick up my camera whenever I saw something I thought was interesting.

2. I'd take the photo and move on with what I had to do. Not lingering to over-contemplate.

3. It became a priority because if it didn't, it wouldn't have gotten done.

So I guess it was a life lesson relearned this week. Because I knew this. If I can prioritize my life, and stick to a schedule, I get so much done!

Also "creativity" means: schedule and DOING.

Yeah. So, internet, you need to stop being so soul-sucking. Especially YouTube. I've become fascinated with YouTube lately. I've nearly convinced myself that I need a channel.

Then I smack myself around and wake up from my insanity.

I would like, when my life gets a little less crazy, to start trying my hand at shooting video and video editing. It looks crazy hard.

On a photography note:

Four out of the five pictures this week were taken with my 100mm lens (the one with the helmets was with the 24-70mm).

I LOVE my 100mm lens. I think it's surpassed all my other lenses to be my favorite. Especially in this house where I can get far enough away to set up a decent shot without letting the kids know I'm there.


It's a macro (1:1) and I do use it quite often for macro images. Saying that: I have Christmas money I can't decide what to buy with it. I'm tempted to get some macro extension tubes and use them in conjunction with the 100mm. Would it be overkill? Hum… don't know.

I'm also debating purchasing a neutral density filter. But then, for which lens would it be most practical (because I'm only buying one)? And would I use it more than once a year?

Decisions. Decisions.

You can see why I never spend my money. haha. Way too much effort goes into deciding The. Right. Thing.

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