Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 2

I had the moment of panic this week when I remembered it was time to do my weekly picture post. I thought, "Did I take pictures?!" Turns out I did! I guess I'm well trained. ha.

My parents were in town this last week(end).

My dad had to attend CES for work. Steven and I got to go with him. Woot Woot. Which was fun. I drooled a lot at the Cannon booth. Mama wants a new lens.

Selfie at CES:

I should try to get better at taking selfies. LOL I kind of blow. ;) The one I took with my iPhone was better, I think.

But… is it good to have the ability to take selfies? I shall have to think upon that. One one hand, if I don't take selfies, I'll never be in the picture. On the other… well… THEY'RE SELFIES.

Also, my computer wants to autocorrect "selfies" to "selfless." OH, SO VERY DIFFERENT.

*bite lip*


Big happenings around here: The BOY had a birthday! He turned eleven.

Before my parents left they took him for his birthday dinner, anywhere he wanted to go. He chose M's buffet.

Gag. I hate buffets.

I should back up to say: before last week my kids didn't even know what a buffet was. When my brother was here it was his birthday, and he chose M's buffet. He loves buffet. If you've seen that boy pack away food, you'd know why.

At that time my kids were like: WHAT IS THIS THING YOU CALL A BUFFET?

That quickly morphed into: You mean I can eat twenty million deserts? BUFFETS ARE THE COOLEST EVER!!!



I fully blame my brother. Make no mistake, I will repay him for this treachery.

Oh, and they don't just say buffet. They do it with flair, a la my niece.

(He's too cool to button his shirt.)

His actual birthday was pretty low-key. He asked for cash. I kept saying, "Are you SURE?" He'd say yes. All the way up until the night before his birthday (at, like, 11pm). Then he changed his mind and told me what gift he wanted.

I looked at him like he was crazy. Then told him it wasn't going to happen and that he could take his cash out to buy it himself.

So he did. 

His dad took him for a birthday shopping spree. He came back with several bags of things. Honestly, I have no idea what he bought, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to. He had fun, that's all that matters. In the end he told me that he was so glad he got cash.

*eye roll*

And finally, Yuki cracks me up. This has become her normal spot, on the first landing watching the door, when everyone is gone but me. She can't stand it when the other peeps aren't home.

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