Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014: Photo Project, Week 1

Something fun that I started doing by accident (and I really should say, "I totally meant to do that") is to take a picture of the kids together every January 1st. I've loved seeing how big they get! It's shocking.

Funny, considering I live with them. But I don't see the changes.

The braces make me chuckle every time she smiles.

Last days of Winter Break, peeking through doorways:

Okay, yes, I cheated with that picture. It's technically three. *wink* But. You have to see all three to get a clear picture of how these last days were spent.

At least when the kids are in separate rooms they're not arguing. Which has become all too common lately. Ugh. Something they need to learn STAT is that it's okay to have different opinions and even more valuable: to keep the opinion to yourself.

Steven needed a headshot this week. I took exactly three minutes to snap one for him. Not too bad considering I didn't put much thought into it.

I have decided that photographing headshots is horribly boring. Even lighting? Professional? Where's the drama in that? Nowhere, I tell you.

Still, he's cute.

Back to school.
Winter Break is over!

The second half of the year better go quick. Mama needs summer. ;)

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