Friday, December 6, 2013

My Little Pirate

I have tried to write several blog posts now. They always end up way too heavy and introspective.

Ugh. I guess that's what kind of mood I'm in. ;)


Lots of stuff happening around here because life waits for no one! This was the fun I had this week.

Bekah had her chalazion removed from her eyelid. It was traumatic (for her), but ended up being a blessing in disguise.

The anesthesiologist agreed not to put her IV in until she was asleep. She was freaked already, but add the huge IV needle and it was a no go. She batted her blues at him and he caved. LOL!

This conversation happened right before they came and got her:

Bekah: When are they going to put me out?
Me: When they wheel you back, they'll put a mask on you and you won't remember anything.
Bekah: Not even you?!
Me: No, you won't remember the surgery. You'll remember me.
Bekah: Oh, good. Because I prefer to remember you.
Me: I prefer you remember me too.

I'm glad that's over. PHEW! She's doing well and went back to school today without this eyepatch:

The eyepatch was fun (for me and Steven!) while it lasted. Steven called her One-Eye Willy for an entire day.

Me: We should watch Goonies tomorrow. It will be fun!
Bekah: No!
Steven: How about Pirates of the Carribean? Yar!!!!
Bekah (laughing): You guys are so mean!
Me: Don't laugh if you think we're mean.
Bekah (laughing harder): I can't help it.

Also notice the space between her teeth. If you scroll down to the Halloween picts it wasn't there. That palate spacer did its job FAST. I was impressed. Braces should go on next week. Poor, Bekah. She's not looking forward to that either.

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