Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Thing Thursday

My mom is on my case to write a blog post.

Which. I totally want to. I just don’t have a single thing to say. My mind is kind of awash with NOTHING. And I looked through my pictures of the last month to see if anything might have been interesting? Um, nope.

I honestly don’t know why my life isn’t exciting, it’s certainly busy enough. I’m so exhausted I’ve been going to bed at 9pm nearly every night.

[Insert lame, old joke here.]

Then I thought: Well, if I have nothing to talk about, I can ramble for a bit. And maybe throw up some random pictures. You know, make it look like I put some thought into the post.


I bring to you: Five Thing Friday Thursday (because you all know if I don’t manage to post today, it might never happen!)

1. The biggest change around here is the kids started school! Woop woop. It leaves several hours for me to get things done. Although, three less than Arkansas. That’s taken a bit of getting used to. And trust me, I feel every second when I look at my ever growing To Do list.

This year the kids have uniforms. That did not go over well (mostly with the boy). And whoever said that uniforms cut the morning drama is a liar. Don’t believe them. It’s not true. If you have a girl, you will ALWAYS have drama. ‘Nuff said.

But that’s not the most difficult part. They have three colors for their shirts: blue, white and yellow. Seth refuses to wear blue (I mean, of course he does. Why would he be EASY?). And let's not talk about yellow, he says that's not an option.

We’re a month into school and Seth has already stained three of his five white shirts to the point they’re not wearable. I can’t save them with bleach. We’re talking ketchup on the sleeve, peeps. How does one do that exactly?!

Now I have to buy more white shirts this weekend, because OMG, you should hear the blue shirt whining going on.

If this keeps up, it’s going to be expensive.

2. There is a big ass spider outside my backdoor that has a body the size of a quarter. It is very disturbing. Every time I open it to let Yuki out I cringe.

It makes me miss my husband.

Why, you ask does a spider make me miss him?  Well, you learn to adjust for the big things. I can handle him not being here, in general, because I expected him not to be. But I never planned on a spider big enough to eat my face, it’s then I start to miss him and his ability to squash things.

3.  I’m Twittering again. Yeah, I know. I have zero idea why. Twitter aggravates my anxiety. It’s something about the constantly scrolling updates. It makes me live in a constant state of: WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. NOW?

That’s difficult. But. I’ve been doing pretty well with it on this go. Better than the blog. So maybe my thoughts are dwindling to 140 characters? ;)

4.  Bekah had a school project (a timeline of her life). We put it together last weekend. O. M. G. Can I just tell you, I am NOT a crafter. This was made abundantly clear by my questionable skills in the gluing area. I won’t tell you specifically what is wrong with that timeline, but let’s just say, I made some huge flubs and rather than reprinting the pictures and starting from scratch Bekah’s timeline varies slightly from the real deal.

5.  I guess the upside to going to bed so early every night is that I get some great hours in working on my manuscript in the morning. I’m still not in love with this one yet, but I’m closer. I can feel myself wanting to like it, at least.

Honestly, I just want it finished. It’s time for something new. Maybe something moody and depressing. Killing people in this one didn’t quite hit that ‘need.’ 



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