Saturday, August 10, 2013


Ack! I need to get the blog back on track. :)

Where have I been? Wellllll...

The kids and I drove to my parents house in CA. We celebrated my mom's 60th birthday with a family party. And then....

Steven flew in and my entire family went to Kauai for a week.

Woo Hoo!

It was super fun. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking us (all 18 of us!).

We had a blast! Even though some douche stole my credit card during the week we were there and had a grand ol' time in New Jersey charging the heck out of it. Yeah, it's not that much fun being on vacation without plastic, let me tell ya.

On the other hand, I didn't come back with any "treasures" I regret buying. Silver lining! haha

The adventures were documented on Instagram under the hashtag #familytripklausman. For some reason the web instagram won't show the hashtags, so that link is the best I can do. ;)

Then I drove home to Las Vegas, signed the kids up for school, edited a single day's photos and promptly went to sleep. Thus inducing my zombie coma that I've been in for the last week. I did pick out a few pictures for this post. It's the extent of my post-vacation work.


Next week I need to start getting back on track. I have a half written book that is taunting me.



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