Thursday, August 22, 2013

And So It Goes...

School starts next week and this makes for one happy mama!!! There's been a lot going on around here: trips to visit museums, places to eat, toys to buy. I can't wait for silence.

Of course, in two weeks I'm going to miss the turkeys and want them home again. LOL!

Enjoying the last few lazy afternoons.

The big thing that happened this week was the girl had a birthday. It was fun, if low key. We went to dinner and that was pretty much it.

She wanted fancy cupcakes instead of a cake. They were really good. But. I totally goofed on the candles. I thought I had some, so I didn't buy a new box when she asked. Turns out they were nowhere to be found. I may not ever live down the fact she didn't get to make a wish.

Bekah's 9th Birthday Dinner
On the agenda: I have have to get cracking on my current manuscript.

Monday, people. MONDAY. It's hanging over my head, and honestly, I just want to finish it before I get too frustrated. And then I can put it aside for a while. Why does that feel like a relief?

So yeah, life is trudging on. Soon I shall have time to give semi-consistant updates.

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