Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Truth

I keep telling myself that I have to blog at some point, because really, this is getting pathetic.

So let's play 'truths' shall we?


TRUTH -- I have written several blog posts. They exist somewhere, in some random file on my laptop. I don't quite remember what they ramble about. And I'm sure no one cares. So... moving on.

TRUTH -- I have hundreds of pictures on my cameras (multiple) taken in the last few months. I have no idea what the pictures are of (there was a zoo trip, I think...). Beyond the random, I haven't picked up my camera all that often. This is sad.

TRUTH -- My monthly family portrait project? BUST. But I guess you already figured that out. Maybe I'll try again... Or not. hahaha

TRUTH -- I'm wondering how it could possibly be the last few days of April. MY. GOD. Where have I been? And what have I been doing?!?!

TRUTH -- I realized I only wrote 13K new words since January 1st. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?SERIOUSLY. I normally write that much in less than two weeks.

TRUTH -- It's time to start getting my rear in gear. Because. Well, because all these previous truths? They're embarrassing. So. Yeah.

TRUTH -- TODAY I KICKED ASS (and I even took a shower, if you want to add +10 points to my life score). This is a trend that will continue.

Yes, I said it: IT WILL CONTINUE.



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