Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yo, Wednesday! Happy Hump, y'all.

I've been (obviously) struggling with blogging lately. I'm entering my ninth year (!!!) of keeping this journal and, well, things start to feel stale when you do them repeatedly. Unfortunately, I've felt that way for the better part of last year.

I'm motivated to work through that. Recommit myself. I remembered what it is I love about blogs this week. It was an unexpected reminder that came from two of my cousins.

First my cousin, Jen (who blogs here), decided she is adding a video blog to her weekly roundup this year. She's hilarious. And then my other cousin, Joy (who blogs here), copied the hilarity. The fact that Joy whipped out a tiara and boa made me laugh so hard. Because that's SO HER.

[I hope they don't get upset with me for providing links. hahaha]


I remembered why I love blogging. While I can start to feel anxiety about being "out there" so much, I love feeling connected with my family even though we live so far apart.

I won't be joining with the vlog fun because (1) they're intimidating. Seriously, me IN FRONT of the camera?! No. Plus, my cousins are gorgeous. If I was cute like that I'd probably rock the vlog too. And (2)... Let's be honest, shall we? I live in my pajamas. I shower and then I get into a fresh pair. hahaha. No joke. I'll "get dressed" on a Saturday and Steven will say, "I guess you're not going anywhere today." Uh, no?

Pajamas isn't a good look for vloging.

Speaking of... I asked for a Forever Lazy. Steven thinks it's a joke. It. Is. NOT. I want, want, want.



UM... New year, new book.

That's my way of saying that I finished my last book. I'm happy with it. It seemed like it took forever to finish. But looking back it was only nine months. Not too shabby. I thought it was longer. Meh.

For some reason I can't pick anything normal to write next. I always have to head after the project that seems to be the most work. It's almost as if I like a challenge, or something. *snicker*

So far I have a notebook (as well as several word documents) growing with world building ideas. But for the moment it's such a mess. Still, I'm excited about the mess because there is nothing but potential in front of me.

First drafts are messy. But they're fun. I'm excited to see what happens! ;)


I needed a break from the daily picture grind. As much as I really wanted to continue with a 365 this year (because OF COURSE all my friends are doing it), I knew that I just couldn't hang 2 years in a row.

I thought about what I wanted to accomplish instead. Something that would push me creatively. Something I HATE to do and would be forced to confront.

Then I realized that I really wanted to get better at family portraits. I hardly ever make my family sit for me as a group. Because they're pains. Seriously.

That's my new goal: One family portrait a month. It seems doable. 12 instead of 366. Which SHOULD sound like a lot less work, but believe me, I'm stressing over this year far more than I did all last year put together!

I'm also adding the pressure that I want the pictures to be somewhat fun. Thematic, if you will. Steven suggested themes for the corresponding months (for instance: a Valentines, love & roses theme for Feb). It's not a bad idea, it's just that it makes the whole shebang more complicated. And, in turn, me more stressed out. I'm sure that after the first few months I'll feel easier about it.


We shall see.

I'm doing it no matter what, though. Because I do think that it will stretch me creatively. Plus, maybe out of 12 sessions I can get one picture to hang on my wall. *crossing fingers*

I love when my husband buys me flowers for no reason. He knows they'll make me happy. Not only because they're pretty, but they give me a subject to photograph. *grin*

I've been playing around with black and white. I want to put up some prints in our bedroom. Of course I do NOT want any of the kids in there, or anything with a face for that matter (including pictures of us as a couple).

Flowers are pretty, but I wonder if they're too feminine. These actually came out pretty decent. I'd love to mix it up with something else a little more masculine. I don't know what, though. I'll think on it.


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