Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Week

Arg! It's Monday! Pesky, Monday!

I'm still owlishly blinking and drinking my first cup of coffee. *yawn*

I have nothing to say. So... An update, I guess?


I'm struggling. About a week before Thanksgiving I realized that I needed another edit. A short, quick one, but another edit nonetheless. That all but zapped my ability to finish the one I'm working on now. That lead to me taking a "break" the week before Thanksgiving. And, of course, I didn't work Thanksgiving week. And, uh, I guess I extended my vacation to last week. ;)

I really need to get some motivation STAT.

It's not that I dislike this book. I still rather like it. I still also think it's the best thing I've written to date. And I'm really proud of it.

So what's my problem?

Fatigue, I guess.


We bought a tree. That's about it. It's not decorated yet (haha). Hopefully we'll fix that tonight.

I've wanted a flocked tree ever since I married Steven. Every year he says, "Next year." Then we went overseas and it was next to impossible to get a live tree. So we switched to a fake one. That burned out last year with a few days left till Christmas.

Since we were switching back to a real tree this year, I pushed again for a flocked tree. Which Steven agreed to (finally!). Come to find out... it's impossible to find one here. *pout* So no flocked tree.

Maybe next year? But only if we're not living in Arkansas. *crossing fingers* Because really? I need to live somewhere with decent internet. I'm dying. And a decent restaurant or two. Something not fried or barbecued (neither of which I'll eat!!!). Visiting Vegas was a tease.

Our last night in Vegas, I wanted to visit the Strip and get in some night photography. You know, considering we were IN VEGAS and I HADN'T GONE TO THE STRIP YET. *cough*

But I got outvoted. Oh, well. There's always the next trip. Instead we went to see Wreck-It Ralph. I'll be honest, I was prepared to hate it I ended up laughing myself silly. Highly recommended.

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