Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This and That

I know, I've been a horribly sporadic blogger of late. All I can say is, I do think about posting. And then realize how much work it is and... eh... I do other things. HAHA.


Trying to be better.

Let's play 'throw it all out there and let it stick to the wall day.' Like cooked sketti.

SIDE NOTE: I FREAKING LOVE THAT SHOW. Yeah, I'm probably getting dumber each time I watch it, but who cares? It's an awesome way to get stupid. But, I'm not going to actually try the recipe (I'm fascinated by people who do! Wow. Dedication.).


I have about a month's worth of pictures on my camera. At some point I may download them. -- Yes, YES, I WILL download them. It's on "the list," as in the one I keep both down the left side of my computer and to the right of my desk in my handwritten notebook.


I feel like I say everything is 'on the list.' Soooooooo. That list is pretty long.

I'm like three... four?... weeks behind at this point. I'm not joking when I say the thought of catching up is overwhelming. Completely my fault, but still. There are only so many hours in the day. I have to pick my choices wisely.

On the other hand, my house is clean. :)

Of course, that has more to do with the fact that I can't physically function in a cluttered/messy house. Cleaning the house will always get chosen over picture editing any day of the week.


Still chugging along. I mean, really, what can I say? I'm closer than I was last time I said that, yet still so far away from being finished.

Part of it is that I keep having to redo crap. SIGH. But. It's okay, I guess. It will be better in the end. It's just that (1) it drains all my energy, and (2) I want to work on my next project (because I'm oh, so excited about it!).


After the roast incident she had diarrhea for three days. NOT FUN. She was banned from our bed for the duration (of course, duh) and was pissed about this turn of events.

Steven said, "I would say, 'At least she learned her lesson,' but I doubt she did."

I doubt it too.

Even though it was her fault that she got the runs, she was still angry at me for kicking her out of my bed. She gave me her Yuki Stare of Death. It took her several days to get over it.

That would have been the end of Yuki's anger towards me if not for last night. I let her out to go to the bathroom. It was pretty late at night. Where we live there aren't any streetlights, so it's dark. I used the side door off my office, kept it open while she did her business, and played on my computer.

Several minutes went by. She didn't come back. At ten, I was outside calling her. At fifteen, I had gotten the flashlight and still couldn't find her. At twenty, I called Steven to help me.

Steven walked to the other door at the opposite side of the house where the deck is, opened it, and there Yuki was, shivering in a tight little ball.

"Looks like someone forgot what door she went out," Steven said.

When Yuki came inside, she went straight to her kennel. She wouldn't come out for an hour, and when she finally did, she'd have nothing to do with me! She wouldn't let me near her. She kept running under my bed so I wouldn't touch her.

I said to Steven, "She's ticked at me! I did not lock her out. This is not my fault."

"Well, she thinks you did."

Uh, huh. She's still ignoring me today! I'm not happy. Why am I being punished?


I drank so many of them on Sunday I wanted to puke. :/

They are my favorite. I kind of go overboard when they're in season. I had a PSL bellyache and I swore I'd never get another one. *barf*

That was three days ago.

Today I'm fiending for one in the worst way. It's almost enough to make me change out of my PJs and drive to Starbucks.


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