Thursday, August 30, 2012


I ran across the most AMAZING website. It's online stickies program called Listhings. *SWOON!*

When I plan books it's an amalgamation of stickies (both physical and on the computer), notes (in a notebook, loose paper, and on my phone) and a white board. When I get my book together, those stickies all go on the computer with the built-in Stickies program. I have a separate screen where I bring up all my stickies. And I write the book from that.

I prefer stickies verses a word document for notes because sometimes I have to move things around. Or build off an idea. It helps to visualize where the book is heading, instead of working blind.

But the problem is: when I'm away from my desktop (this happens a lot), I can't access my notes! It's uber frustrating.

Before anyone suggests Scrivener, it's not for me. I love Word, which has more fancy tricks than Scrivener anyway (but you have to know how to use them). Not only that, I can write on the go with my iPad and iPhone. Switching between formats would slow my process down. And, again, I'd be tied to my desk.

Listhings meets all my needs.You can also add pictures to your cork board. WOOT! And you can have multiple cork boards (handy for multiple books!). -- Oh, and if you write with someone, you can share your boards!


With only a little over two months before NaNo, I thought I'd share. Get to planning!

[This is not to say that I'm participating this year. NaNo always makes me crazy and I end up squelching my muse. haha But if you haven't participated in NaNo, and you always thought you wanted to write a book, you should give it a shot!]

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