Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Exercise Can Make Me Cry

Ack! I'm totally here. I've just been preoccupied/ busy with my manuscript that I've lost track of time.

I haven't done ANYTHING in a week besides work on it.

No reading (GASP!). But I really can't concentrate enough to connect with anything. That has been hard because reading is my outlet.

No picture editing. I'm still picking up my camera to take my daily pictures. I'm just behind. I have all of last week to edit, and now I realize it's Friday. Which means that I have this week to edit too. Not to mention all the vacation pictures still.

No blogging. Because, really, I can't think enough outside of the manuscript to make coherent sentences.

I feel like (as I do every summer) I'm losing the threads of this book because I'm taking too much time off. I've been employing my "twenty minute sessions," to help combat staring aimlessly at the computer. That has helped tremendously. I'm making progress.

My in-laws are visiting next week. It puts a little bit of pressure to get to a point with this book where I feel like I can stop for several days. I'm not there yet. *stress*

Interesting enough, I have been doing things outside my comfort zone, though. Things I never thought I'd do in a million-bajillion years. Like... working out.

I know. Everyone can pass out in shock. It's okay. I get it.

To be honest, I don't even know how the nightmare started. I was feeling down after several weeks away from home... eating out every meal, gaining weight...

I said to Steven something along the lines of, "I'm very unhappy. I need to make a change. Work out, or something."


So he became my personal trainer.

Here's the thing I want to make clear: Steven is amazing. He's very patient when it comes to working out with me. And I appreciate that because I'm both extremely uncoordinated and very out of shape.

But. It's. EXERCISE.


After the first week, the kids decided they wanted to exercise with us too. For the record: I hate this. I've made my displeasure heard and Steven has banned them from working out with us for at least another month, or as long as it takes for me to feel like I can actually do the things he wants me to do.

Because those kids... they live to do things "better." You can't do that, mom? Here watch this. It's so easy. You only use a 5 lb weight? See, I can do it with 10! And I'm only a little kid with no muscles.

I want to smack them. Which is why they have been banned.

They are very vocal about how rude this is. Whatever. Wait until you're on the downslide to forty, kid, and come talk to me.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

5 Things:

  • It would help when asked "account security" questions if I wrote down the answer somewhere instead of trusting my brain like they expect me to. Because I always have that moment of panic where I think, "Oh god, what is the answer?!" and then I have flashes of being locked out of my account forever. And this all happens, of course, when I desperately need to get into said account.

  • I hate paying bills. Not that I don't have the money, it's not anything like that. I just hate writing checks. Can I ask you... How can people in Arkansas not have direct deposit/ bill pay, or any way to send things electronically?! REALLY, PEOPLE?! -- They may have the same aversion I do to "account security" that I do. That's the only reason I can think of for the old skool craziness.

  • I've composed several blogs since my last one. Posted none. I'm going through that phase again. :/ ...And this post is going nowhere... *whistle*

  • Considering doing a couple of photo posts on my recent vacation. Though... I'm sure there are way too many photos on this blog as it is. I didn't mean for that to happen! ;)

  • Writing. I came back to my MS and thought... I'm off. That's the worst feeling. Plotted a bit and I have to rewrite a few chapters, but I feel better about it now. 

I'll leave you with a happy hippo (taken at Animal Kingdom). Isn't he precious?! 


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