Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How is it Wednesday?

My Internet has been off all day. For the last several days, actually. I get to pay $65 a month for it too. Wheee! I think we're going to switch to the satellite Internet through DirecTv. Does anyone have that? Opinions? I'd love to know if it's any good before I sign a contract.

I've attempted to be aware of my working habits this week in order to cut out the dross and become productive. Um. I'm completely unreliable on a computer. The draw of blogs and Facebook is too much for me. I can't say no! And here is the funny thing... My internet is so stinking spotty you'd think I could get stuff done. But, no. Rather than writing, I fiddle with the connection to get it to come on! I can't help myself! Total self-sabatoge.

I got quite a bit written longhand this week. But the very second I step near a computer I putter my time away.

Is it efficient to write the whole book longhand? Okay, no. Other alternatives involve figuring out a way to unplug.

Wait for it....



This book is going to take for-freaking-EVER. Sigh.

The good thing is, I love it.


  1. We use DSL up here in White County, and it's pretty reliable.

    It's pretty cool that you love your book enough to go long hand for it. :)

  2. We have DSL through SuddenLink. It's the WORST connection I've ever had. The box for the neighborhood is in our backyard. They come at least once a week to repair it. :(

    So very frustrating.



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