Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How is it Wednesday?

My Internet has been off all day. For the last several days, actually. I get to pay $65 a month for it too. Wheee! I think we're going to switch to the satellite Internet through DirecTv. Does anyone have that? Opinions? I'd love to know if it's any good before I sign a contract.

I've attempted to be aware of my working habits this week in order to cut out the dross and become productive. Um. I'm completely unreliable on a computer. The draw of blogs and Facebook is too much for me. I can't say no! And here is the funny thing... My internet is so stinking spotty you'd think I could get stuff done. But, no. Rather than writing, I fiddle with the connection to get it to come on! I can't help myself! Total self-sabatoge.

I got quite a bit written longhand this week. But the very second I step near a computer I putter my time away.

Is it efficient to write the whole book longhand? Okay, no. Other alternatives involve figuring out a way to unplug.

Wait for it....



This book is going to take for-freaking-EVER. Sigh.

The good thing is, I love it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pictures 366 -- Week 23


I've been deliberate with my pictures this week. Rather than thinking about it after the week is finished, and checking my iPhone to see what I have, I've been proactive. That means actually breaking out my camera (go figure! LOL!). As you can see, they turned out better. :)

Bottom line: I shouldn't be lazy. It makes me feel as if I didn't do my best and then I carry that with me to the next week.


I'm going to try for two blogs this week. *holding breath* Though, just so you know, after that my blog will be spotty for a bit. I'm unsure of my internet access. Which means that the next few 366s may come late. I will be taking pictures! Never fear.


Steven turned 38 this week. Yay! :)

The kids and I have evolved into a summer routine. It's been working and I've been working, so that's something! They've been helpful with keeping things clean (with prompting, I'll admit). And we've had a good time exploring and doing fun stuff.


I read an interesting article this week on writing productivity. I've been thinking about it for a few days. It's an engaging read, though there's nothing new in the information. For me, it was a challenge to reassess the time I spend writing. Am I being as productive as I could be?

The answer, of course, is no.

My writing life has changed (grown and adjusted) over the years. I've deliberately slowed myself down. I find the faster I go, the sloppier I become. However (and this is a HUGE HOWEVER), I do feel that even if I'm going slower, I could be more productive. There's no reason I can't be efficient in the time I spend writing so that my time isn't divided when my family is around.

I do keep track of my habits (when I write, how much I write during those times, how long it takes me to write a book/edit/etc.). It shouldn't be hard to tweak. This will be my on-going summer project.


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