Sunday, April 8, 2012

pictures 366 (Leap Year) -- Wk 14

Happy Easter!

I hope you all are having a fun day with family. We're being lazy around here (just how I like it!!!).

I haven't been around the blog lately. Sorry about that. I realized this afternoon that I had yet to download this week's pictures off my camera (let alone edit them!). So I'm behind on a lot of things.

What's been occupying my mind? First, I had a lot to do this week. Lots of running around. Zzzz. AND TAXES. UGHHHHHGH.

Second, writing.

I've been going through something for the last few months (maybe year? Maybe TWO years? LOL). "Going through something" meaning: NOTHING I WRITE WORKS. Eh.

I set aside the book I started earlier this year. And then I tried to pick up something that I've edited twice and is STILL not working. But project wasn't doing it for me either. I think I figured out the problem and know how to fix it, I'm just not passionate about it anymore. Matter of fact, it's the opposite of passion. Like, I'd rather get a pap smear than write that book.


Imagine my surprise when I suddenly became passionate about a new project. A manuscript I'm co-writing. It may be the collaboration that's helping to keep my interest, or may be the subject. Or possibly both. Whatever it is, this book feels special.

My mind is completely wrapped in this story, to the point that I can't function outside of my head anymore. Whenever a family member asks a question, my response is more often than not, "Huh?"

Thankfully they've been through this rodeo a time or two. They're good sports about it.

... Catch you when I can think again, peeps. ;)


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