Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, Monday, So Good to Me

I feel so much better!!!! Thanks in part to this baby:

Booyah! Thank you, NyQuil! xoxo

Not that I'm 100% better. But my head is upright today. After a week of staying horizontal, I count this as a win!

The kids are better too. Super snotty -- which, YAY!!! All that congestion was causing major ear and head issues. I bundled them off and sent them to school!

*happy dance*

Okay, yeah, I get that they don't look exactly happy. But. They're going to school, can you blame them?

Now I have an entire day ahead of me. Several things of importance on the agenda. Like, uh, a shower. -- Not that I haven't taken several in the last few days. It's just that there is always that blissful first shower after you feel better, you know?

Or is that just me?

Anyway. I've been typing in my sick notes this morning. Apparently, fever + congestion + NyQuil = the weirdest story ideas EVER. I'm cracking myself up. I don't know if they're worth jotting down in my master idea file.

Okay. More coffee. See ya later, peeps.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

pictures 366 (Leap Year) -- Wk 3

It's that time of the week again!

It's been a slow week. I did manage to get caught up on my entire to-do list early, which left blissful hours of NOTHING.


It was awesome!

I would like to say that I wrote. Um.. Not so much. I did, a little. But I'm seriously stuck with this new book. I've written and cut the first few chapters at least six times now. I'm not getting traction.

However, I had a breakthrough. Or, at least I thought I did. I was in bed, halfway to sleep, and the whole thing came at me. I was like: wow, that's brilliant!

Then I woke up the next morning and couldn't remember any of it! haha.


It's slowly coming back to me. I've been jotting notes down. This next week, I'm hitting that MS hard.

Now the photos:

I post on Facebook what happened in the photos. I don't think I want to do that here (because it's a lot of work!), but there are two I'd like to explain.

January 15 (Sunday) -- Bekah is in love with my new K-cup machine. She thinks it's hers. She wakes up and makes Steven and I coffee (and herself a cup of hot chocolate). Unfortunately, last Sunday she woke up hours before us.  Never fear, though, she kept the cups and their contents warm by repeatedly putting them in the microwave every 20 minutes. This went on for FOUR HOURS.

While I appreciated the gesture, I did not drink that cup of coffee. haha. But I did teach her how to make the coffee in the coffee pot instead.

January 18 (Wednesday) -- The sunset picture.

Steven came in to the living room where I was working watching TV.

"You've got to come outside," he said.

It was below 20 degrees and I didn't have a jacket or shoes on. Not even a pair of socks for my poor little toes. I thought he was crazy and told him so. Because, in my mind, there was nothing worth seeing that would make it worth the effort.

"No, really," he insisted. "The sky has the most amazing colors."

I heard 'amazing' and 'colors,' grabbed my camera (it was on the coffee table next to me), and ran outside.

It was totally worth frostbite and the loss of a small toe. ;)

Now every time he looks at that picture, or someone comments on it, Steven gives me 'the look.' The one where I have to say, "Thank you so much, baby. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have taken that picture."

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts on "Showing Up"

I feel like I need to blog. So. With nothing to blog about, I thought I'd tell a story about photography and how it relates to my writing.

I'm in week three of my 366 project. It's going awesome, thanks for asking. :)

I've been reading posts from other participants who are struggling with it. The common theme seems to be that it's unnatural to pick up the camera every day.

That is not the case for me. Actually, I don't even think about it. I just kind of do. My husband says that when the kids grow up,  they aren't going to recognize me because they think mommy has a big black box attached to her face.


That is exactly what it's like for me and writing. I do. Even when I feel like what I'm writing is crapola. Because I know that someday, when I'm less judgmental of myself, it's surprising how good those days can be! Ironically, they're usually better days than when I think I'm writing "good stuff."

This was something that registered when I popped out my memory card this morning. I had no idea what photos I took yesterday. I knew I took some and to the best of my memory, they sucked.

What are you gonna do?


I was determined to roll with the crap pictures. Imagine my surprise -- shock, actually -- when they weren't as bad as I remembered. They ended up kind of fun.


I'm reminded, yet again, that I simply need to show up and work. Everything else will sort itself out in good time.


Another thing I want to bring up because these two pictures are prime examples, is leave yourself lots of space to edit. These pictures aren't cropped. This is exactly how I shot them with all the negative space. I do that a lot. You may wonder why and the answer is this:

I never know when a shot may be THE ONE I want to frame. If I take the picture too close, there's no room to adjust for proper cropping.

This is a really good article explaining what I mean.

There is nothing worse than seeing a picture and thinking: That is gorgeous! And then realizing... the best you can do to preserve the "look" is to throw it in a 4x6 frame. ;)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Note to Self:

I should follow my own advice. And, perhaps, not use reflexive pronouns. But. I. Can't. Stop.

Where was I? Oh, yes...

I have this friend (she-who-shall-not-be-named / SWSNBN) who is a fantastic writer. I mean, really fantastic -- the kind that makes you cry when you realize you can't write like her. SWSNBN has this block when it comes to her writing. I'm not sure what it is -- self doubt, maybe? Which from an objective perspective (mine) is CRAZY. Because MY. GOD. she can write.

She's easily frustrated and gives up on a lot of stuff. I told her, "Get a notebook and write. I don't care what you write. I don't care if there is a plot, or no voice, or flat characters, or whatever. It really doesn't matter. Because as long as you're writing something, eventually you'll get to where you need to be."

It's good advice and I really believe it. I guess, you know, as long as I'm giving it to others (haha) because do I apply it to myself? NO.

It's very obvious that I don't apply my advice when, after a week of this new draft, I have 1K words. There I was last night at 7pm with 5 -- FIVE! -- new words for the day.

*eye roll*

That's when I had to have a stern talk with myself. Because, COME ON, enough was enough.

I brought out the notebook. And I wrote. First I listed all the books I had to add to Goodreads for December (25 new entries -- I should be more on top of that). Then I had to list their ratings. Oh, and make a list of where I bought books so that I could add them to my file.

And then I made a list of things that NEEDED to get done (bills, balance checkbook, take Yuki to get a haircut...).

And then I doodled. Wrote my name a couple thousand times...

There's a lot going on in my head, gotta tell ya. *Snicker.*

What I didn't do is lift my pen from the paper.

THEN I was able to write. I wrote quite a bit. Enough to get me jumpstarted today, if I try hard.

I need to start listening to myself better. Life is much easier that way.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And So It Begins...

The kids are back in school! Yay!!! The house is quiet! I have it all to myself!


I was going to attempt a witty post.

[insert witty post]

... but, yeah, not so much.

Why? I'm tired! Winter break sucked the lifeblood out of me. All I can think about is a nap. My bed is so cozy (damn new mattress my husband made me buy).


Seriously. It's almost 11am and I have yet to write a single word.


Focusing now. Goal today: 1K words. Ready? GO.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Dear 2012,

Last year I made a promise to myself. I didn't want to make resolutions. Instead, I decided to take a year sabbatical. Do things that I enjoy, let go of the things I didn't.

Well. It was awesome.

Nothing significant happened last year, sure. It was an easy year despite the stressful move from Japan back to the US. Relaxing. Full of new adventures.

I had fun. Lots of it.

With writing, 2011 was all about me. Figuring out where I wanted to be creatively. I finished off the year with a book that I think is pretty good. It's completely different from anything I've written before. I'm okay with that.

2012 is going to be different. I'm ready to dip my toe back in.

[Scratch that.]


2012, it's me and you. Let's kick some ass.



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