Friday, December 30, 2011

Things of note:

1. Finished editing, reread, polished... done. Let me tell you, I loved, loved, loooooved it. For a short period of time I convinced myself that it's my masterpiece (ha, snerk). The "after book high" lasted, eh, four hours or so. Then I was like: ZOMG! I HATZ IT.

*deep breath*

So. Yeah.

It's not really the book. The book is good. At least, in my less self-conscious moments, I think it is. I'll feel better tomorrow.

2. Starting a new book is always hard for me. I know there are a lot of you who love writing beginnings. I find them harder to deal with. Mainly because, if you mess up from the start, the middle and the end will never come together.

The voice is the hardest thing to nail down. It tells everything about the character, at least, it does for me. How the MC thinks, acts, and talks will determine her choices throughout the entire book. There is nothing -- NOTHING -- worse than reaching the 30K mark and realizing your MC is a psychopath (or some other such nonsense).

And me, being me, I will finish the first draft regardless (though, why I do this, I'll never understand). Then I'll dump the book at the start of the next edit (draft 2 is when I take into account things like plot and structure).

3. I also find it hard to get in the swing of writing again. In the first draft you write crap (everyone does, tis the way it is). But. Coming off extensive editing, it's hard for me to allow myself to do that. It's especially hard that I struggle to write above 200 words a day when I know I'm capable of 2K. ;)

I've already restarted this book three times. Each time is just NOT right. Wrong starting point, wrong motivation, wrong voice.

I WILL get it. Hopefully by the end of the day. *crossing fingers*


  1. I'm one of those who likes beginnings, but I'm a plotter, so the beginning for me involves fleshing out the outline then diving in.

    I'm confident you'll find the right voice! :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. I used to be the world's most extensive plotter. It's lessened with each book. To the point that I can't anymore. LOL



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