Saturday, November 20, 2010


I don’t know why it’s hard for me to blog at the end of the year – every year. I think about blogging constantly. I want to blog. I run over in my mind things I can share – but then it never happens. Right now words are precious. They come slowly from my mind and I squeeze out every one of them for my current WIP.

Speaking of, I’ve been doing a lot of exploring with my writing. I started writing a Paranormal Romance. It’s… interesting. I’m having a lot of fun with it other than the usual first draft nonsense.

Meaning: It’s odd. I used to enjoy first drafts so much. The art of creating and not having to worry about “thinking deeper,” etc. These days, I long for some editing time. It’s such a rush to make a book perfect. And perfection cannot happen with a first draft.

So there’s that. But I’ve also had an idea for a commercial fiction. That’s something way outside my usual fare. I don’t know if I want to spend any time on it, actually. Is it that I’m afraid to write it? Perhaps. It’s an overwhelming concept. Eh.

I’m trying to write and create – to not worry at all about where it goes from here. Because, honestly, I’ve been stuck on this tilt-o-whirl for a long time. And I want to get off.


The biggest news around here is we’re moving at the end of the school year. The decision was somewhat of a surprise to us (even though we made it). We’d decided early on to stay in Okinawa for another three years. That was the plan… all the way up until we needed to turn in the paperwork. We did something at that point that we probably shouldn’t have done (heh) and asked what our options were.

It turned out there was an opening at the schoolhouse. Rare. A long shot because schoolhouse jobs are very difficult to get. You know, regular hours and no deployments are seductive and a lot of people want it.

We put in for it thinking, well, if we get it: score, but we probably won’t and we’ll stay here. No big deal.

And then we got it! *THUNK!* You have no idea what went in to actually getting it and I’m grateful to the MstGuns for putting in all that effort. I appreciate it very much.

Right now Steven works 4:30am to 7-ish pm, Monday through Friday and then most Saturdays. I’m not quite sure what’s up with all the weekend work. It sucks. I’m looking forward to having a duty station where I actually get to see him. It will be a novelty.

Come the summer we are Arkansas bound.


  1. Well keep up with the blogging; I certainly enjoy reading this page :)

  2. Yaaaay for you getting to see more of your husband! Those sound like awful hours at the moment, sounds like he's more than paid his dues. Happy moving!

  3. Hey...I'm in Arkansas! We're getting another writer?! SCORE!!!

  4. Where in AR are you? We'll be in Little Rock. I'm most decidedly looking for a writing group, if there is one. ;)

  5. Arkansas! OH! And more time with the man! Awesome!



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