Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well hello, wagon. Nice to see you again.

My mom got on me about writing and my complete disappearance from the internet. She does that (and while it's annoying initially, I am thankful for it). The last time she gave me a "come to Jesus" speech she accused me of being a lush. Sheesh, if she only knew how bad it was now. When the newest WoW patch came out the other day it was so awful I cried.

CRIED! And I'm still not over it.

Yeah, so I sort of agreed that I needed to start writing again. Oh, and get a life.


So I in turn -- not because I'm a good friend, but because I don't want to suffer alone -- gave the come to Jesus speech to Casey and then I felt better. I'm all about sharing. It's really my sweetest quality.


I'm not going to do NaNo this year. I don't need the pressure. But maybe I should make a commitment to not only write, but to post more on this blog.


But I'm not giving up WoW or my beer.

BTW, it amuses me how these posts make me seem like I lock myself in a dark room and never come out. In actuality, I'm rarely home. I like to eat sushi and I have to leave the house for that. And I have pretty great friends I like to hang out with, but that goes without saying. :)


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