Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Life in Bullet Points

I haven't done one of these in a while so here goes:
  • I'm in first draft LOOOOOOOVE. *happy sigh*

  • I may not do justice to this story on the first round, but I don't care. It's enough that it's keeping me awake. I haven't had a proper night's sleep in a week.

  • My kids are driving me crazy. 18 days until school starts (totally counting).

  • 12 days till MOCKINGJAY is released (I just realized something important. How am I going to read it during the six days that I still have the kids home??? Arg).

  • Suzanne's books were at the Kadena BX (I checked). Someone had already turned them face out. Yay, Suzanne!

  • I've noticed since I've returned to the iphone (I missed you, iPhone!) I take random pictures. I look at the camera roll and think: huh? I forgot that I did that. Like a picture of a snail that is the size of my hand:

Or a picture of a snail that is itty-bitty (Steven's finger):

Why do I need these pictures???
  • My car is irritating the snot out of me. First, I put in a new stereo and somehow that caused the panel that covers the airbag to pop off. Instead of taking it back to the place so that they'd fix it, my husband decided to GLUE it (please don't get me started). That didn't work. Now I have glue residue on my dash. And now my sunroof won't open (completely unrelated, but still irritating). Why, god? Why?!

  • Oh, and Steven's going to gunny camp. At least he'll be up north so we can see him on the weekends. I will miss him. Him and his glue.


  1. At least you are the only one taking random pictures. I have 2 little girls who like to take hundreds of pictures of nothing!

    PS That snail was HUGE!

  2. OH, the baby snail is cute! I want one!

  3. EW! EW! EW! A snail the size of a hand....DISGUSTING.

    Looking forward to Mocking Jay myself.

  4. hah, I love that you have a picture of a huge snail and a baby snail. It's so creative and unusual.

  5. I've never seen a snail that large. And that little one is so cute, for a slimy creature.

  6. Totally read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire after reading your little post about it (You haven't suggested a book yet that I haven't liked... so I pay attention when you're talking about books!) and am eagerly awaiting the the third with you. Yes... my children have kind of been neglected while I've had my nose to my iPhone (which is what I've been reading a lot of my books on.) :-)



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