Thursday, August 26, 2010

Four Months is a Long Time

My mom asked me if I knew I still had a blog. :) So I guess I better post. Don't want to make mom mad!

The problem is, my life has been so full of ups and downs lately that I can barely catch the wave before another one crashes. It's been crazy. Instead of focusing on the dailies, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into my goals.

I must say first off, I'm very upset about the trapped miners in Chile. They have been underground for several weeks and have at least four months to go. I can't form words as to how horrible the situation must be for them! It's been replaying in my mind often in the last few days. No matter how upsetting my life can be I'M NOT TRAPPED IN A MINE!

Then I began to think: four months is a LOT of time. Wouldn't it be wasteful if durning the time that those poor people are stuck down there and can't live, I'm above ground not doing anything?

I began to think of what I'd like to accomplish in four months. A sort of tribute saying, I can't help you, but I'm certainly not going to dishonor you by wasting my time that you weren't equally given.

My goals for the next four months are:

  • I would like to have finished at least the second/third draft of the manuscript I just started. At least have it to a place where I can pass it on to MM.
  • I want to organize/get rid of all the kids toys. They are overwhelming and the task intimidates me.
  • Teach Bekah how to tie her shoes. I spent every morning of last year practicing with her. She doesn't get it.
What are your four month goals?


  1. My major goal is to finish edits on my newly rewritten ms. Also, to read all the books I didn't while rewriting said ms.

  2. I have tons of books to read too!!! I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more books until I read at least 30 of them. And then... I bought four. Sigh. I have NO self-control!!!

  3. My goals are to finish my physical therapy with vast inprovements to my foot by doing ALL my home exercies DAILY. Also, I want to lose about 8 lbs before coming to see my beautiful grandchildren in Okinawa over the Christmas holidays.

  4. Some goals:
    -run a 10K trail run at night followed by a 25K trail run the next day
    -complete the Izena 88K triathlon
    -raise money for Girls on the Run
    -complete the Naha Marathon
    -become efficient and knowledgeable at the new job I start at the end of September
    -figure out how to work and exercise and find enough time to read (loved Hunger Games by the way and half way through Catching Fire - still owe you SB)
    -take time to write my mom thank yous for the awesome care packages she sends so diligently

    Alright, I might steal this goal making idea if I ever get back to blogging (maybe that will be a goal too).

    Thanks for making me think, Amy

  5. I'll be honest, my claustrophobia is so bad that I almost pass out every time I read an article about the miners. I kinda got dizzy reading your post.


    My goals are to have one of my two WIP's in the query stage within the next 4 months. And not pass out when I read the news. Or blogs.

  6. Jean - 8 lbs? That's random. LOL

    Amy - Um, you put us all to shame! I may have to push my goals a little more.

    Nevets - Yeah, I can barely read the coverage either. It's too upsetting.

  7. I feel like Nevets. I get all claustrophobic just thinking about the reality.

    Interesting that I've already set a big four-month goal - finishing my rewrite! But I also want to re-prioritize my life and get into a good schedule. I feel so much more in control with I get everything organized (including the house!) and create a schedule/plan.

    Looking forward to that after all the summer chaos.

  8. Get a full nights sleep - just one would be nice.



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