Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Freethinking and Association

Thank you for your kind words on my pictures. They’re not half bad, I think, especially since I didn’t carry my huge camera around. My little point and shoot isn’t ideal, but it works.

I was thinking about pictures last night before I went to bed and how it relates to my writing. Taking a good picture isn’t about the equipment you have, or the editing software you use (for the record the only editing I did on those pictures was to add the border – I didn’t even crop them). It seems to me that everyone with a half decent camera hangs out a sign and calls themselves a professional photographer now days.

Much like writing. Have a computer? You’re a writer! No need to study your craft.

There are a lot of professional photographers on this island who I greatly admire. I subscribe to their blog feeds and friend them on Facebook. I study their pictures. For hours. Why did they take the picture that way? Why did they choose to edit that color in? Why did they crop it to look like that? What story are they trying to tell?

Because it’s an art and I want to be a master. In order to create like the masters, I need to understand the masters. Or at least the principles that they are displaying.

The thing I do know is, I could be standing with these same photographers, in the same spot, with the same type of camera – and our pictures would be vastly different.

The story I want to tell is always going to be different from theirs. I’m okay with that because it’s my story. And as long as I have a story to tell, a viewpoint with which to speak from, that’s all that matters.

I need to remind myself of this, often. Especially when I get depressed that my journey seems to be ridden with potholes and detours. It’s okay. As long as I’m constantly moving forward and improving, it will all work out.

In the meantime, I can create something beautiful.


  1. One creative person may not see the same things as another just as one great artist would not paint the same scene an another great artist. Life is all about different view points and being able to bring them out.
    Your pictures always look amazing, which doesn't surprise because you are an amazing writer You already view the world in your own way and seeing the pictures you take gives the rest of us a glimpse of that view.

  2. I love this, beautifully put Heather.

  3. I love this post! It's all about perspective, isn't it.

    Beautiful pics too. :)



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