Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Slow Build

My parents and one of my brothers arrive today! Yay! So excited. My parents have visited several times (they can't go too long without seeing the muchkins) so I don't feel any pressure as far as they're concerned. But it's my brother's first time in Japan, which means I feel some responsibility to show him around. At this point the plan is iffy. I had wanted to do water sports (his favorite) and, um... it's raining. It better clear up!

I posted on FB a few days ago, that though I was almost done with this edit, I decided to start over.

You know what? It's okay. I got a 'talking to' from Casey and everything she said made complete sense. And I don't think it was necessarily what she said about my manuscript that made something click in my brain, so much as we were talking about what I wanted this manuscript to be.

I kept saying: I want a Hunger Games.

She was confused by this because my book is nothing like HG. So I went on to explain all the emotions HG makes me feel. That it's unputdownable. That the world grabs you from page one, puts its clutches in you and won't let you go. That's what I want.

Yeah, I know. Tall order.

When we began to discuss HG, that's when it started clicking for me what I was doing wrong with my manuscript. Why I wasn't feeling satisfied with it.

Casey began to talk about "the slow build." How HG never presents a mystery. Everything is upfront from page one. The tension is in the layering. And the characters never react to anything (this was my ah-ha moment). Their actions aren't a series of X happened so I need to do Y to counteract.

It made perfect sense.

So I started over. And I'm so happy. This is why you need peeps to watch your back.


  1. Peeps are the best. Especially, Casey!

  2. I think I need to spend some time "thinking."

  3. "Unputdownable" - love it. Getting there is so HARD though! And exciting at the same time. Totally agree about the peeps - Emily has given me a few, much needed "talking to's." She said you and Casey et al are great at being pushers. We all need that!



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