Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is the life!

I’ve come to a conclusion: I would be a whole lot more productive if I didn’t have the Internet.

Huh. Imagine that.

I have been working.

I’m doing that editing thing… You know, the one where you eat everything in sight? Yeah. Any food that I see ends up in my mouth. It’s bad. Remember that time I OD’d on Girl Scout cookies? It’s got nothing on me now! I literally consumed within two hours:

Coffee… a lunchable… more coffee… chocolate ice cream… more coffee… pickle… more coffee… salad… more coffee… Kit Kat…. coffee… couscous with black beans… water…

Ya’all sick now? Because I am!

That is to say: If I’m eating all this crap, I guess the edit’s going well. Because I only blindly eat when I’m distracted.

Speaking of food:

Steven sent me an email asking me what I was making for dinner. The boy has a death wish.

I was like: I’m going wild and crazy – bordering on the exotic! – and making spaghetti! Doesn’t that sound yummy?!


And he said, “Oh, because I was going to run to the commissary and get us some steaks to grill. And maybe some fresh corn? I wanted to cook for you.”

Well twist my arm!

And this is how I work (it’s not like it’s a secret): I wanted fresh green beans too. But if I had asked green beans he would have freaked, so I added something even more abhorrent to the list.

“Thanks, babe! I’d like something else too. Like maybe green beans or brussels sprouts?”

Brussels spouts are my favorite.

His response was something akin to: BRUSSELS SPROUTS?! ARE YOU TRYING TO POISON ME?! I’ll get you some green beans, baby.

*fist pump!*

Now I’m drinking a beer and waiting for him to finish making dinner.

Oh, and editing… always editing…


  1. Oh, to have a husband that cooks!

  2. i am not a brussel sprout fan either? you going to la this year?

  3. I'm not going to LA (though I wish I was!). We made the decision not to go home this summer. Bummer. I hope that I can make it next year.

    But I will miss you guys!!!!!

  4. Tell Steven he needs to eat his veggies. heh

  5. I'd probably be more productive without the internet, but truthfully it saves so much time. Before the internet I spent hours mailing out queries and manuscripts, but it became so much easier with email and attachments. And it's also easy to do quick research on it.

    I've never had brussel sprouts before.



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