Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heigh Ho, Silver!

I think about blogging every single day. Funny things people say... Funny things I see... I'm continually running them in my mind to create the best possible way to tell the story.

I haven't forgotten you. And I will be back more regularly.

It's been a combination of things that have kept me away. There's a little bit of reservation tied with blogging now (I’m still not ready to talk about it). But mostly I've been busy.

Like... Busy running around doing who knows what. Oh, and there was the never-ending sickness that the kids have finally gotten over. But guess who’s lost her voice? Me! The kids are thrilled.

It occurred to me the other day as I was writing out my May goals: well, crap! Summer is almost here! And with that goes my freedom. Which means that very little writing is going to get done.

How did summer sneak up on me? I think it was all the rain lulling me into thinking it was still winter. Did we miss spring this year?

Anyway, so there I was, counting down the few precious days I have left (and let me tell ya, there aren't many) and I started to panic. I need to get this rewrite/ edit -- whatever the heck it is -- DONE!

*deep breath*

I've been working. Still taking a few lunch dates, though, because a girl's got to eat!

My question is: how do other writers edit so fast? I’m seriously blown away by how quick you are! It seems (at least on the internet) that you guys get edits and you turn them around within days.

I mean, I don't think I'm particularly slow. I have a system, sort of. It goes like this:

Month 1: Obsess over how I’m going to change the manuscript. Worry about every little detail before I start. Pull my hair out. Maybe whine a bit.

Month 2: Psyche myself up that I can, in fact, edit the manuscript. This takes a while. Usually by this point I’m so paranoid of my own ability that I’m almost numb.

Month 3: By month three, I’m completely fed up with my lack of progress. This motivates me. Which means I crank it out: three weeks editing and then 1 week of “review” before I send it off. That’s not to say that I haven’t edited a bit throughout the first two months, it’s just that the majority of the edit occurs now.

So… Now I’m looking at three weeks total. *cough* (This is where I’m going to start blowing sunshine!)

It’s not as if I can’t do it. Technically, I can. I mean… technically all I really need is about a month, right? I’ve obsessed about the edit about… two or three weeks. I can pretend that it’s more like two months. Right?

I need to believe I can do this. I CAN do this.

With that said, I will be in and out of the blog... And in about three weeks I sincerely hope that I can say I’ve finished (at least this round).


  1. Good luck with your writing! I will try not to distract you BUT if you want to grab lunch sometime let me know.

  2. You can totally do it. And I'll be cracking my whip!

  3. You can do it!

    I tend to panic at first as well. Okay, not tend. I totally panic. I'm also not a super fast editor (a month or so for me too).

    But then I make a plan. Say, a chapter a day, or 10 pages or something like that. It's much less scary when I have a plan.

    Then I can sit down and just do that much, more if feel like I'm on a roll. But I only hold myself to a small goal each day.

    Not sure that helps, but you asked:)

  4. Natalie - I think where I fail is the actual goal part. I don't know if I overestimate what I can do or if I'm not as productive as I should be. Or maybe I don't have enough of a reward.

    Perhaps I should do a combo of a goal/reward system. Like... set a goal for every day and if I DO meet it (because I rarely do) I get a treat.

    Hum... I need to think on it.

  5. Distractions are hard...I've had a lot of them lately. Tomorrow will be a better day. I WILL WRITE (something...anything)!

  6. Just write, Heather. Just write. Heh.



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