Friday, April 16, 2010

Hong Kong, Day 1

I could call this trip "the vomit trip," but I'm going to try to spare you the nitty-gritty, disgusting details. Let's just say, we went sick and came back sick. there was no less than 3 vomit episodes on the floor of the airport (one 5 feet after we cleared customs declaring we weren't sick) and 8 episodes of vomit on the plane... That's not to say that there weren't many (MANY!) more episodes during the actual vacation.

For necessity, though, I'm not going to recall all the times we'd get sick over a particularly nasty taxi ride, or subway ride, or smells, or food, or when the boat to Macau was stranded at sea for an hour... those all led to vomit episodes.

The bottom line: It is NOT fun to travel sick.

With that in mind, I'm going to recount our adventures without mentioning that again (hopefully).


I don't know if I've talked about the crazy food they serve when flying. It's interesting to note that American flights do not include food unless you're flying overseas. Asian airlines are different. It seems like they feed you every chance they get. You get a full meal with a one hour flight. If your plane is late, they feed you tea and crackers. The customer service rocks.

Now, that's not to say that the food is good. Every time I fly ANA I get some nasty meal that makes me gag to smell it. Fish stew... fish curry... fish and noodles.

This time we flew China Air and I have to say their meals were MUCH better (though I didn't taste the two coming home). This is what they call a curry pork rice burger:

The "patties" are made from rice which made it extremely tricky to eat! It was pretty tasty, though.

We landed quite late in Hong Kong (due to a late flight out of Taiwan). Added to the episodes I'm not mentioning... the kids were sort of crabby. We checked into the hotel and headed off for something to eat. Don't they look thrilled?

They did NOT want to go out. Steven wanted to go check out the night market, so after promising to buy them toys, they were all smiles.

Off we went to the night market where there was junk, junk and more junk.

I'm not particularly a junk buyer. The kids LOVED it because there were toys and Steven was being generous buying them. I kept saying, "They don't need that crap."

Steven would say, "We're on vacation, let them have it."

Then the kids would get huge smiles and give him lots of hugs. I think I figured out why he's their favorite.

... Day two is coming as soon as I'm up to it. Right now I've only eaten 4 crackers in the last 30 hours. If I don't feel better soon I'm going to the doctor. Blah.

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  1. I am so sorry you were sick for the whole trip. I hope you're all feeling better soon and when you are I'd love to meet you over at Climax again. :)
    P.S. Have you seen "How to Train a Dragon"? The girl Astrid reminds me of Bekah (spelling?). She's a toal bad ass, but adorable and fashionable. :)



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