Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Way It Is

I’ve been in this really weird mood lately. Not a good or bad one… a strange one. Take for instance this weekend:

I should start off by saying I’m relatively frugal (that’s the nice was of saying cheap). I think about things for a long time before I buy them. Especially things I can’t return, like music. I have no idea why I do this because I end up buying the album anyway and I could have been enjoying it for months while I thought about it… so why waste the time?

*eye roll* It’s another one of those quirky things I do.

Here’s the part of the story where I get embarrassed for myself.

An album that I’ve wanted for forever is the newest Lady Gaga. There’s a very specific reason I haven’t bought it yet. The music is too fast for me to write to. And it’s rare that I’m in the car anymore for any period of time where I turn on my music. When would I listen to it?

I know, don’t get on me about how lame this reasoning is. I get it.

Steven wants that album too. Occasionally he’ll ask: Hey, did you buy it yet? To which I respond with a long-winded debate about the pros and cons.

This weekend I decided, you know what? I’m going to pony up the $13.99 and be done with it.


The plot unraveled from there. For some reason (shiny!) I got distracted (shiny!) by really old albums (shiiiiiiiiny!). Ridiculous ones. Ones I do not want to admit to buying. My finger started clicking like I had a sick disease. FIVE ALBUMS LATER… I still hadn’t bought Lady Gaga. Only now I’d spent (… adding up 5 albums at $12.99…) a lot more than the $13.99 I had complained about spending in the first place!

Steven chose that moment to walk in to my office. “Oh, good. You finally bought Lady Gaga, can I have it?”


He looked over my selections and then said to the kids, “You all need to back away from your mother.”

Seth looked up from his toys. “Why?”

“She’s having a nostalgic breakdown and I’m not sure how this is going to play out.”

I rolled my eyes. “What are you talking about?”

He folded his arms. “You always do this. You get stuck in your book and buy a bunch of weird music and then go into this crazy nostalgic state.”

Huh. I guess I do.

P.S. I still want the Lady Gaga album.


  1. The old stuff is probably better anyway. :)

  2. Well a wierd mood is an understatement...for the record I never wanted lady ga ga. I have no idea where you got that from. I said I wanted the other two albums you bought! Really, I know I have a diverse music selection but lady ga ga is like uh yeah so not in my taste. That's like getting a Brittney spears album!!!! Lol

  3. I like the way you re-imagine that conversation. Let's agree to disagree. ;)

  4. Ha hahahaha!
    I could get into SO much trouble with iTunes if I let myself...



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