Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Thursday!

I have nothing to say. So… I decided to make a list of all the uninteresting things in my life just so that I had something to write about. Lucky you! Ha!

• I broke out my 80’s music for the kids. Not the really good stuff. It was the fun stuff that I shouldn't admit I listen to. Bangles! Debbie Gibson!

They loved it! And memorized the songs. When we were in the car (with the music blaring and the kids singing at the top of their lungs) and had to enter the base, Steven turned down the volume (way down).

“Are you embarrassed?” I asked.

He gave me that look. The one that I can only describe as: Are you kidding me?! Of COURSE I’m embarrassed!

Note to self: I should take the kids to karaoke (they’re all over the place!). They’d enjoy that.

• My son’s front teeth need to fall out of his mouth PDQ. He’s a grinder and has completely worn the backs of both his front teeth out. Like… literally there is NO BACK on them. He was complaining that they hurt so we took him to see three dentists (because no one could tell us what’s up - *rant about the military*). Finally we ended up with a kid’s specialist who said… “Well, he has no roots left in the front two so he really needs to start wiggling them, otherwise we’ll have to extract them.” Ugh! And then, his adult molars have grown in already! No wonder the kid was in pain!

• I went for another massage & facial yesterday. I needed it. I think it took the last of headache away. I could get on the bandwagon of holistic medicine if it included lots of massages.

• It’s the fourth of the month and I’m already behind on my word count.

• I have a post going up tomorrow over on Okinawa Hai. It’s been a while since I’ve subbed an article there. It’s regarding that adoption workshop Steven and I went to.

• And… Let’s say a certain kick-ass agent asked if I was interested in doing a guest post for him. If I wrote it, what would you guys be interested in reading about? I’m trying to keep it topical. Maybe genre switching since I’m trying my hand at an adult paranormal right now. Perhaps also trying to work in aspects of living overseas. Suggestions on what you’d find entertaining?

… See? Nothing too crazy going on over here. Life as usual.


  1. First, I'm feeling ya on the Bangles!!!! Woo Hoo

    Second, I think genre switching is a BRILLIANT blog post.

  2. Man, my five year old is a little bit of a grinder in his sleep. I hope he doesn't have such teeth problems! Your poor guy!

    I love forcing my music picks on my children. Now whenever one of us yells "Wait!" in earnest , one or more of the family will sing "Waiiit, I never had the chance to looove you." Good ole 80's hair metal. :)

  3. Oh! I love 80's hair bands! We can't call them "hair bands," though, because it leads to this conversation:

    "So, Dad, do you remember waaaaaay back when you had hair?" pause... "Yeah, I didn't know you then."

  4. I still have hair. I taught the Beatles everything they knew. Music of the 60's was way better! Dad/Papa

  5. Well, at least you HAVE a word count goal. I mean, that's better than me. :)

  6. Elana, that's because I'm on a crazy mission this year. I'm seeing how far I can push my mind before it explodes. :)

  7. Have his teeth come out yet? I'd be a pitty if his first teeth were pulled rather than came out naturally.



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