Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Writing Post (shock!)

I'm in the midst of an editing battle (battle: me against the manuscript that does NOT want to behave). I rewrote the ending for probably the third time. Not too sure if I like it, but... sometimes you have to let go and see what happens, right? So right now I'm trying to read and see if it flows, check if the loose ends are tied up and basically test if I have a coherent book.

I have a self-imposed deadline too. One that I'm sure to make.


I have a slutty new idea taking over my brain!

[Slutty new idea: defined as the idea that comes out of nowhere and takes your attention away from what you're supposed to be doing. SNI does not care about deadlines. SNI does not care what genre you write in. SNI does not care about your family - because she flirts. Oh, boy, does she flirt! Pouring out NEW WORDS (!!!) from seemingly unknown places.]

I'm trying to stay on task. It's very important that I finish this draft. However, I have given in to the SNI bug. It's so tempting... so fresh and it makes me very, very happy. Though, first drafts usually do before the reality of the work I must to do in order to make it readable happens.

Just to be fun, I thought I'd show you what I look like when editing (or writing SNI). This was last night:

She sits on my lap as I read and type. My dog is insanely cute. :)


  1. Cute pics!!

    My little dog Romeo is sitting in my lap right now too! He doesn't like to sit next to me or, heaven forbid, on another chair. No, my lap is the only spot he likes.

  2. You're both so cute! I can't wait until I can get my dachshund. I miss having a lap dog!

    I mean, my 70-pound hound wants to be a lapdog, and tries, but it's just not the same. Heh.

  3. So glad I'm not the only Lunch Lady obsessed with their dog. :) Watch out for sluts - Five dollar make you holler!

  4. Awww, so cute! Like how you danced around the content of your new idea by referring to it as...SNI

  5. SNI!!!? did you make that up?! That's fantastic!



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