Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wednesday: Still Editing My Life Away

I'm going to ramble today, okay? I've been too deep in edits where every! word! has! to! have! a! point! And, well... sometimes it's fun to be pointless.

I wanted to tell a cute story of my kids (that's the most fun to write about). Except I realized, I haven't spent any time with them lately. I mean, I saw them. I've eaten with them. I've helped with homework. It's just that my attention has been on this book.

"Okay, Mom has to work now. Snack? Sure whatever. TV? Make sure it's not too loud. Matches? Go for it, just don't burn the house down."

Er... not really that last one. I think I would notice if they asked to play with matches. Maybe.

I was considering writing a tongue-in-cheek post entitled: Editing, As Fun As A Gynecological Exam. But nixed it because I felt that it might alienate my one (or two) male readers. No, really, I think I have about four. Hi all you XYers!

I want to post the blurb for my SNI (but can't) because it cracks me up every time I read it. I have mentioned previously that I write my blurbs before the book. And then during one of my breaks from editing (where I wasn't stuffing my face with ice cream cake) I was catching up on Query Shark. Love!

It occurred to me that most new writers (1st time in the query trenches) don't understand the basic principles of blurbing a book. Blurbing isn't just important for querying. You still need to know how to do it after you have an agent. In my mind, it's the essential first step to every book.

I thought (for all of five seconds) I should do a post on how to write one. Not "this is how to fix yours" because I think that most writers are too close to their own book and miss the point of how a blurb should read. It would have to be a new idea, one I'd never use. And where would I get that idea? Then the post became a lot of work in my mind and I wondered, would anyone be interested? Because I will write it, if you are.

Back to editing. :)


  1. I think a post on blurbing/synopses/one line pitches would be absolutely wonderful. I would live in that post. I suck at short and simple to the point type stuff, ya know? :0)

  2. I am interested. I want to see some of your past blurbs!

    Also, the line about matches... I'm still laughing.

    Word Verification: I kid you not-- WHINE!

  3. You know I'd love it!!! I need some schooling in the art of blurbage.

  4. Okay! I'm writing it. ;)




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